122 Alluring Straight Hairstyles That Are Trendy In 2021


Straight hairstyles have a sleek and elegant appeal to them that everybody loves. There is a striking factor to these hairdos that we have admired for a long time now! You can try them on and know for yourself why we are recommending these to you! Try out these hairstyles with a change of colors and style, and you are sure to love them! You can check out the options you have when it comes to sleek here in the article down below. You can try them irrespective of your age, so make sure you give these a try as soon as you can.

If you are looking for hairstyles that you can sport as your everyday wear or need to head out to a party, we have got you covered. You can amp these up and decorate them with hairpins and braids too. These hairstyles work for weddings and even for a day out with your friends. The duality of these hairdos is what attracts most celebs and stylists to them. Be it casual or red carpet-worthy, and you can use your straightener and look fabulous every day. Here are 122 alluring straight hairstyles that are trendy in 2019!

Kim K Glam

Kim Kardashian has her hair dark and thick in here. You can try on the same look to follow her and look as stunning as she does.

Longer Bangs

Here are some straight hairstyles with bangs, and you can try them on for any season! They are youthful and vibrant and are perfect for women of all ages. You can try on the bangs and make them as long or as short as you prefer.

Deep shades

Adding darker shaded into your hair will give it some depth and dimensions. You can see these colors here and try the same for yourself. These shades are deep and intense. You can add colors and intensify them as per your liking and preference!

The middle-parted hair

You can make your hair look polished by adding on some middle-partition in them! This adds some transition to the look and is perfect for round face shapes as well.

Sleek Look

Try on the sleek short bob here, and you can look perfect as you wake up! The hairdo here was a favorite among all stylists and celebs, and we are thrilled to see them on women of all ages.

Festive Occasion

Try on a look that is perfect for all festive occasions! The use of pearl infused hairpins here is ideal for weddings and other special events.

Braids for you!

This is a favorite look among teenagers. You can see her hair braided on the front, and it hangs on the sidewall. You can get a casual look as you try this one!

The tucked look

Many hairstyles have an edge to them, and this is certainly one to follow! You can see the hair tucked on the back, and it has the sleek hair to help out the look.

Braided back

You can take sections of the hair and braid them to get this look. Pin them down to look as chic and elegant as the one in here.

Layered short bob

You can try on this layered short bob if you are looking for some precise cuts and a short length of hair! These images are sure to give you enough idea about short hair.

College Day hairstyles

Here are some hairstyles that you are sure to want to try on if you are always in a hurry. These are simple left loose hairdos that are straightened well.

Red shades

There are hues of red tones in this black dark here in here, and we are in love with this. You can see the shades here are sure to entice you to try them on.

Mid-length Hair

Here are some options for straight hairstyles medium length that you are sure to love. You can see the crisscrossed hairstyles here, and they are giving an illusion here too.

Sarah Hayland’s Look

The Modern Family star Sarah Hayland has her hair on a middle-parted look here. You can see her hair colors are complimenting her skin tone and are perfect for all seasons.

Side parted hair

You can part your hair in a lot of ways. You can part them to a side, and achieve this beautiful look here. We have made sure to compile some of the best sides parted straight hairstyles for you here.

Loops or braids

There are variations you can add to your hairstyles, and here are some for you! You can add loops on to your hair or get them braided, as shown below.

Glam avatar

The hairstyle here is glamorous, and you are sure to love this! You can see the whole attire here and try out the same with ease. We can all agree that this is a casual yet beautiful look.

Coppery tones

There are lighter shades in here that has coppery undertones to them that we love. These hairdos work for pale skin tones, and you are sure to love them on straight hairstyles.

The Perfect ombre

You can get this look to be complimented on for having the best ombre hair ever! The dark base and the brown tones on the bottom makes this a hairdo that works for everybody!

Katy Perry Look

There is no hair color that Katy Perry cannot pull off! Here are some of her blue hair looks she tried on over the years. Try the same color for yourself to look like her.

Ash-blonde hues to try

Ash-blonde shades can add a touch of glam to your whole look. You can see the colors here and try on the same for yourself. These are a trendy look that everybody adores currently!

Short hair lovers

Here are some ideas for straight hairstyles short length, and you can try them on! You can add colors like the pink rose gold shades on the first one here. Take some inspiration from these looks here.

The Bun

You can make a bun on the side or the back and get them to look as elaborate as you want! You can try on the bun hairdo to look elegant and glamorous as well.


Twisted and pinned

You can take the sections of the hair and then twist them up to bring out a patter. You can then pin them down to make them look elegant for a special occasion. Selena Gomez’s hair

Selena Gomez tries on changing her hairstyles, and you can decide on the looks that the singer has worn over the years. Here are some ideas that you can get inspired by.

Waterfall Braids

Waterfall braids are easy to do, and you can learn how to do them by taking lessons from the tutorials online! You can see how the dark and light shades on in here as well.

Side pinned look

Take some cues here and get ready for your special event! You can pin the side of your hair and add some decorative hairpin on one side to make it look elegant.

All-rounder look

Braid the sections of your hair on the side and take them back to tie them out! You can try on the braids on your straight hairstyles and make it everyday wearable.

Reese Witherspoon’s Glam

We are always trying out straight hairstyles that celebs wear for themselves. You can try on these looks that Reese has on in here. They are simple yet elegant and are equally approachable as well.

Everyday Glam

If you are willing to look special each day, this is the look you need to try on! You can see the long bob straight hairstyles make a hairdo that you can wear for everyday glam!

Concealed pinned-up look

There is a chic look here that you can try on! They look simple and easy to do, as well. Take sections on from the sides and pin them down underneath to hide it.

Thicker Look

You can get a thick hair look if you try on some of these looks! Here are ideas to make your hair look voluminous and you can wear these out for a particular day.

Subtle Ombre

Ombre hair is a big hair trend. There are darker colors on the roots, and they transition to light shade on the bottom. Choose your colors and book an appointment today!

Girl next door

Some hairstyles are casual and everyday wearable like the ones in here. You can try on these straight hairstyles if you are going for a girl next door look.

Some waves

You can add somebody to the hair and try out some waves on the base! You can see how it adds to the flair that everybody loves in their hairstyle.

Twist them out

You can try on simple straight hairstyles for yourself by merely twisting on the side of your hair! You can see how the hair has a sleek appeal to it that takes only some minutes.

Magazine look

The hairstyle here seems to have come out from the magazine. You can wear your hair in a short bob like this one, and this is one trendy look that everybody loves.

Cara’s Look

Cara Delevinge has her hair on the side in here, and you can try on the same for yourself. The hair has subtle colors that you can find approachable too.

Side Shave look

You can add some oomph to the hair by trying on this look for yourself! You can shave the sides on any hairstyle and make it pop! Make sure you get them clean, though!

Shailene Woodley

Shailene has her long straight hairstyles on the internet. And you can search through them to find them on that excites you the most. Try out the colors and add extensions for big hair!

Side swept loo

Sweeping off your hair to the side can make your day hassle-free! You need only to take care of the hair on a side, and it makes this choice a wonderful one for windy days too.

Shakira’s bob with side bangs

Shakira tried on this bob for a change in her look, and she manages to give off a youthful and carefree vibe with it. Try adding on the side bangs too, as she did here.

Taylor’s straight hairstyles

Taylor Swift makes hair transformation faster than anybody else! You can see how she makes these long straight hairstyles fit her perfectly. You can try out the same colors and style for yourself.

Darker roots

If you want, you can add dark roots to the hair and make the colors pop out even more! You can see the depth and dimension added to this look by the mere use of colors.

Smokey effect

If you want a deep shade for your pale skin tone, this is the color you should be trying out! You can see the brown tones in here, and they are fabulous.


Everyday gorgeous

You can check out the hair here and see how there are mild light strikes on the hair that makes it look so glamorous! The subtle nature of the colors is admirable.

The colors play

You can try on colors to make your hairstyles shine out even more than before. Here are some ideas that you can take inspiration from for your next hair appointment.

Wedding Day look

If you are looking for hairstyles that you can sport on your big day, here we have some ideas for you from the straight hairstyles 2018 and 2019 compilation! They are good for women who want to have a flirty look with minimal effort.

Rihanna’s Hair

There is no look that Rihanna cannot slay! She wore all of her styles with confidence, and that makes each of her look even beautiful. Make sure you try on her straight hairstyles too.

Elena Dobrev as Elena

The Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev inspired teens to try on straight hairstyles when she played Elena on the series! She gave some ideas to her fans for straight hairstyles for prom as well.

Braided hairstyles for straight hair

There are ways you can incorporate braids on to your hair and make them look polished and well done. Here are central twists on here that have a lot of volume and details on it!

Casual Look

If you are a college-going kid, then this is the one for you. You can try on the natural and relaxed look that makes you look youthful like this one.

Side swept hairdo

You can try on a simple hairstyle like this one here and get the hair all on aside. You need to add some volume first to make the hair look thicker and well-put-together.

Blunt cut bob

Stylists experiment and come up with new ways to style bob hairdos a lot. You can get the blunt cut bob if you are interested in this look. You can look at these images here; they may help you out.

Get these colors

You may be searching for ideas on the internet as well, and we are here to help you out! You can get this color for yourself the next time you want a change.

Keira’s short hair

Keira Knightly has the short hair on these looks, and you can copy the same for yourself. The side swept bob is perfect for women of every age, and it is an approachable look.

Model’s Look

This is a model’s hairdo for sure and has been seen a lot of times in runways, but you can try it on for yourself too. There is a high pony in here that looks great.

Sleek pulled-back look

You can try on the more stylish version of hairstyles if you are not into voluminous hairdos! You can pin them down and keep them smooth with the help of hair gel.

Girl next door

Some styles can make you look as casual and relaxed as ever. You can check out the hairdos that you can wear for a girl next door look for your everyday wear.

Asymmetrical Bob

There are uneven ends on this look, as you can see. The variation in your hair length is a great way to wear your bob. They are easy to style, and it looks fantastic.

Voluminous Look

You can add some volume into your hair, and the best way to do it is to add some layers to the places you want some fluff! Here is a look you can take reference from.

Coppery brown

There are light to dark coppery brown shades in these straight hairstyles. You can balance the colors for yourself and then wear them to your work or a party you need to attend.

Long bob

If you are not comfortable with the short length, then you can try on the longer bob like the ones here. You can try on any hairstyle when you have that length.

Black hair crimped look

There are many straight hairstyles for black hair. Here we have one look for you that works out for long hair perfectly. The crimped hair look is perfect for adding texture.

Blonde Bob

Bob hairstyles suit every faces shapes as well. You can try on using colors that excite you to get the color pop out! The light blonde in here can be the next style you try!

Angled partition

You can see the angled partition on the side here. The long hair has a chic effect. You can pull the side of your hair and then hold them down with some hairspray.

Highlighted shades

If you have dark hair color on your hair, then you can add some lighter colors to them to break the monotonous dark hues. Here we have blonde on brunette hair.

Kaley’s Look

The Big Bang Theory series threw Kaley Cuoco to stardom. She has since changed her hairstyles changed over the years a lot of time. You can check out the middle-parted blonde hair she has on in here.

Angled Bob

One of the best straight hairstyles that you can try on for yourself is the angled bob. You can see a more extended section in this one. The angles add a chiseled effect to your hair.

Fine layers

You can check out these hairstyles that have beautiful layers on them on the base here! Get the look for yourself to add some dimension to your hair.

have crisscrossed sections

You can try on these straight hairstyles for yourself. It is simple, and you can get it done by taking some parts of either side and pinning them down securely with a hairpin.

Dual braids

Braids are a classic hairstyle. You can get a variety of twists on your hair and look as stunning as ever. Here we have a hairdo that incorporates two braids on the side.

You can try out coloring your hair in varied colors if you are not willing to look similar to others! There are ways to add texture and body into your hairstyles and make them pop out. You can try on some of the hairstyles we have compiled above to figure out what suits you the best. We made sure to collect some of the best straight hairstyles in here for you. There are some waves added to these looks too. They can help make you stand out! You can try on these smooth hairdos to look fabulous each day!

As you reach the end here, you are sure to have seen the plethora of straight hairstyles we have compiled here. You are sure to have chosen some for yourself as well. If you found this article to be helpful, then make sure to show us some love and give us a big thumbs up! You can share it with others to help them find the look for themselves. Share your experience of trying on straight hairdo with us in the comments section below. We are regularly updating our content here, so make sure you check them out here too!


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