100 Stylish Strawberry Blonde Hairstyles [The Styles to make in 2021]


Highlights make positive impacts on any hairstyle they find themselves. From the dark brown and blonde to the red hues, you cannot undermine the impressive looks that come with having additional colors on your natural hairstyle.

Out of the many highlights out there, the strawberry blonde has a special place in the hearts of women that love fashion.  Although it is not entirely a red color, strawberry blonde alternates between the reddish blonde hue and the beach blonde color to deliver a fascinating color that deep into the dark sides of your natural hair color.

In this article, we’ll look at the 100 variations to the strawberry blonde hairstyles, which you can make in 2019 and beyond.


Subtle Strawberry Blonde

The strawberry blonde hairstyle is famous for being a warm reddish blonde hue. Nevertheless, it tends to dip into the dark color of your natural hair color using different variations. The flashy and subtle color we have here is one of the ways you can style yours.

strawberry blonde

Brown and Subtle Tones

Admirers might find it hard to discover the subtle red tones in this hairstyle but can be quick to point out the brown color in it. The secret here is that this hairstyle took the brown color because the colorist was careful to apply mild strawberry blonde hues to the natural hair color.

Luscious Blonde

Here is a style many women will spend the last dime to get. The luscious strawberry blonde hairstyle is worth every penny you spend in getting it done. Besides, it has a rapport with multiple hairstyles; giving you a free hand to make a choice.

Chic Blonde

When you have voluminous hair, love adventure and do not shy away from highlights, this strawberry blonde can be a perfect match for you.

Light Brown + Red Tones

There’s an unseen synergy between the light brown hairstyle and the dark red tones. The unification of both highlights is the secret to the fascinating look that comes with this hairdo.

Brown and Blonde

We really admire the flawless look and confidence of the woman that put up this hairstyle. The strawberry blonde hue has tones of brown and blonde.

Vanilla on Ice

Even without the braids, this style still looks good and beckons on you to try it. The most fascinating thing about this hairstyle is the insane pigmentation that goes the extra mile to bring out the wavy structure of the hairdo.

Honey Toned 

Not only is the strawberry blonde hairstyle a nice hairdo but also classy and brings out the dimensions of the hair. Consider getting this honey-colored variation to the hairstyle for a fascinating look.

Amped Up Natural Honey 

There’s always a natural undertone to every hairstyle. Your colorist can be of help to achieve this intriguing hairstyle. Besides, the amped-up atmosphere brings forth shine and natural depth to all dimensions of the hairstyle.

Light Red Toned 

You’ll agree that the red hues are not just classy but also a good way to complement the strawberry blonde hairdo. We understand that it could take different formats to suit many occasions. The style here is one of the ways to achieve this look of greatness.

A Natural Blonde

You may be wondering about where the strawberry blonde highlights dipped the head. Don’t forget that it can assume different shapes and the one we have here is one of the variations you can get. In addition, the neutrality is worthy of commendation because it doesn’t focus on the promotion of the strawberry blonde hairstyle but is rather interested in boosting the appearance of the wearer.

Dazzling One

You have it all covered! If you’re looking for a hairstyle with colors, dimension, and an in-depth look, this dazzling strawberry blonde hairstyle is the way to go.


There’s always a hairstyle for specific people and occasions. The strawberry blonde hairdo knows no bounds because it can take different formulations, such as the one we have here – the integration by a brown-haired woman.


While most of the strawberry blonde hairstyles can tag along with many hairstyles, a few others simply work on the premise of specific hairstyles. The darker variation is suitable for medium and long hair as well as for light-skin women.

Icy Blonde

If you don’t want to commit to the red hues that tend to bring attention to you everywhere you go, you may love the icy blonde variation to the hairstyle. The fascinating about it is that it has a darker shade and still spots invisible red hues that are a characteristic of the strawberry blonde hairstyle.

The Darkest of All

The pigmentation in this hairstyle reminds us of the transition of darker skin color to a light skin tone after a few hours under the sun. Here is a strawberry blonde hairstyle that transits from the traditional red hues to dark brown highlights.

Warm Reddish Blonde

Even when you don’t take cognizance of the red hues in this hairstyle, you’ll certainly identify the warm reddish tones on it.

Mild Strawberry Blonde

Not everyone will be keen about the light and sparkling radiation of the strawberry blonde hairstyle. If you’re among the few that want to “keep it on the low”, here is a style to inspire your next hairdo.


This isn’t dusty in the actual sense neither is it a combination of the wrong hues. The hairstyle inset is simply an expression of one of the fascinating variations you can make out of the strawberry blonde hairstyle.

Visible Red Tones

What do you do when the strawberry blonde refuses to hide behind the shadows? You have to let it “express itself” by coming forward with these red tones.

Colorful Hair

When the going gets tough, the tough get the job done. Consider this style if you’re not at home with other hairstyles. Without an iota of doubt, you’ll experience the same fairy tale of falling in love at first sight after leaving the salon.

Blonde for Models

Because of the intricate undertone to the hairstyle, women tend to take to the runway anytime they succeed at getting one of the many variations to the strawberry blonde hairstyle. Take a cue from this model-inspired strawberry blonde hairdo and make yours.

Red Hues at the Bottom

You can leave out the top and channel your energy to the bottom of the hair. There’s no doubt that you’ll love the red hues when they correlate with the brown highlights at the top.

Long Frosty 

Do you love that frosty look or wish to get one anytime soon? Your long wait is over because you can take a cue from this style and integrate the frost strawberry blonde into your hair on the next appointment with the hairstylist.


Although you can pull off a nice look with any of the strawberry blonde hairstyles, the one we have here takes time, voluminous hair and a skilled colorist to achieve it. There wouldn’t be any hassles in getting it done if the colorist knows the way about in integrating pink hues at specific points in the hair.

Warm Reddish Hues

This is the rallying point for the strawberry blonde hairstyle. You can easily spot the red hues, which dissolve into the thick looks of the brown undertone in the hair.


Don’t make the mistake of considering this a yellow or blonde hairstyle. This is the strawberry blonde hairstyle in action and it is not calming down anytime soon. The dazzling nature of the strands combines with the feminine styling of the hair to make you look unique in your style.

Strawberry on the Edges

Well, you can make many impressions without an all-edgy strawberry blonde. The hues needn’t litter all over the hair to look but good. Instead, a low-life replication like the one we have here sitting on the bottom of the hair is the way to go.

Caramel Dipped

When it has to do with the caramel outlook to hairstyles, you can always expect something unique, vibrant, and unassuming like the hairstyle we have here.


There’s no gainsaying the fact that any woman that tries her hand on this strawberry blonde hairstyle will look great as long as she continues to put on the hairdo. We all love trendy hairstyle and when we see one like this come our way, the best thing to do is to grab the opportunity with both hands.


Toss the blonde volume to the back for a classy look.

Side Sweep

It really looks great to have the locks of hair styled to the side.

Dark Hues

Replicate this by going for dark strawberry blonde hues.

Stylish Part

Do you love creativity? Consider getting this strawberry blonde hairstyle done.

Orange Look

This variation is specifically for light skin tones.

Innovative Bob Cut

Although it looks like the bob, the highlights make it take the shape of the side-swept bangs.

Dark Blonde

Go for the darker edges for a classy look.


You’ll agree that this strawberry blonde hairstyle has enough shine to make it look great.

Light Color

If the dark variation doesn’t add up for you, you may need to go for this light color.


Allow the colorist to replicate the same feat on yours. You’ll be glad you did!

Messy Hairstyle

Take a cue from this and get creative.

Floral Design

The silky texture and perm on this style are amazing.

Light Blonde

Highlight the hairstyle with the light blonde variation.

Ashy Look

The hair can take the ashy look if you make it rightly.


Make interweaves with the blonde highlights.

Reddish Blonde

The style we have here gives the opportunity to integrate the reddish hues.

By the Side

Change the orientation by styling the hair to the sides.

Surgical Line

We really love the impact made by the hard part.

Stunning Look

It’s time to adorn the stunning look and the hairstyle inset is the way to go.

Fascinating Style

Weave back the strands and style accordingly.

Blonde to Rose

Make a smooth transition from the blonde to the rose highlights.

Creative Hairdo

Pull off this with an invisible middle part.

At the Tips

Consider adding the highlights to the bottom of the hair.

Dazzling Blonde

The look of excitement in the model’s eyes and the highlights of the hair are dazzling.

Dark Blonde

The style we have here is both dark and blonde.

Hair with Highlights

You can’t just ignore the highlights on this strawberry blonde-inspired hairstyle.

Wavy Hair

The highlights look good on weaves.

Textured Design

Use a good hair styling product to integrate texture in this highlighted hair.

Side Locks

Add the texture everywhere for a unique look.

Neutral Tone

Leave them to guess the highlight you used here.

Cropped Hair

Delegate the fringe hairstyle to work in tandem with your strawberry blonde hairstyle.

Enchanting Look

Stir up the occasion with your highlighted hair.

Many Highlights

You can’t take off eyes from the mirror when you make this hairstyle.

Strawberry Look

This really has a semblance to the strawberry we’re talking about.

Stylish Bob

Create a distinguished look with your bob cut.

Curve + Middle Part

Allow the middle part to work in tandem with the curvy look on highlighted hair.

Short Fringe

You can see the short fringe on the front with highlights making it more stylish.

Parted Crop Hairstyle

You can add the strawberry blonde highlights to bring out the amazing beauty of this cropped hairdo with the middle part.

Long and Sleek

Yes, it really looks nice with the highlights.

Shiny Strawberry

Let the hairstyle shine like the diamonds in the sky.

Braided With Highlights

As the locks drop at the sides secure them in one piece using single braids.

Long Side Sweep

Here is a side sweep with length and highlights to inspire your next hairstyle.


You can see the daring looks in the eyes of the model. That is the impact of the strawberry blonde hairstyle.

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Modeling Shoot

Here is the way to pose with your highlighted hair after styling the strawberry blonde hairstyle.

Sun-Kissed Look

Get this done and look like someone coming out from sun basking.

Side Bob

Take a cue from the highlights and do something new with your bob cut.

Curvy Top

Integrate the strawberry highlights and bring the curvy edges to the top.


This honey-inspired look is all shades of beauty and looks good with side-swept hairstyles.

Red Tones

The tongues of the red hues are visible for all to see.

Parted Side Sweep

Inspire your barber with this strawberry blonde-highlighted hairstyle with a side sweep and parting.

Dark Red

There’s no doubt that the darker hues and side part look thrilling.

Curly Weaves

Aside from the light strawberry blonde tones on the hair, the curly weaves also look good on the hair.

Long and Curvy

Integrate the highlights to make the best out of your long and curly hair.

Neutral Red

Rock the lighter version of the highlights alongside the middle part.

Fiery Pink

Bring it on with the pink tones in your hairstyle.

Brown Highlights

Restructure the hairstyle with the darker and brown hues.

Blonde Look

Start your styling with the blonde undertones like the one we have here.

Textured Fringe

The brown highlights have a rapport with the textured fringe hairstyle.

Summery Blonde

You’re sure of rocking the spring and summer weather conditions with this protective hairstyle.

Ashy Comb-Over

The idea is to comb over the hair with ashy strawberry highlights.

Sleek Comb-Over

Dedicate the long hair to a sleek and ashy comb-over by the side.

Clean Highlights

We love the dazzling and clean look that comes with this reformed strawberry blonde hairstyle/

Bold and Creative

We don’t only love the voluminous hair but also the strawberry blonde highlights.

Sleek Crop

Integrate strawberry colors and cropping to achieve this look.

Golden Look

Look resplendent with this style.

Sleet Middle Part

The middle part adds glamour to this hairstyle.

Curvy Look

Integrate the curves and pink highlights to achieve this.

Classic Fringe

Toss the fringe cut across the right eye.

Wavy Volume

The wavy hair and a touch of pink is the secret to this hairstyle.

Classic Wrapping

Wrap the extra locks of hair in this format.

Spiral Highlights

The strawberry blonde highlights can go everywhere; including in this spiral hairstyle.

Long and Cute

Keep it neat with the cute highlights.

A Touch of Brown

Add the dark brown edges to your strawberry blonde hairstyle.

Pinky Comb-Over

Toss the voluminous hair to a side with a touch of pink.

Brown with Edges

The edgy look definitely adds glamour to this hairstyle.

Sleek and Light Hair

The hairstyle is sleek with this toned strawberry blonde.

She’s on Fire

The weaves by the sides and middle part are the unique things about this hairstyle.

Attractive Hair

Be ready for the high-fives and cheers, as people tend to admire your strawberry blonde-inspired hairstyle.

Pinky Look

Here is the actual replica of the strawberry blonde hairstyle. The pink look is an asset to the hairdo.


Bring on the sharp, contrasting look with this flawless hairdo.

Classic Weaves

You have it on a platter. Choose the type of highlights you want on your wavy hair.

Crop with Fingers

We love the fringe cut with distributed hair.

Reflective Look

Although this is suitable for models, you can also try your hands at it.

Red and Pink Hue

Integrate the red and pink colors to pull off a classy strawberry blonde hairstyle.

Short and Highlighted Comb-Over

Maintain a short length with highlights for a cute comb-over hairstyle.

Pinky Weaves

The hairstyle we have here is another way you can make your wavy hair; style it with pink highlights.

Lighter Tone

The secret to this hairstyle is to use darker hues to achieve the lighter variation of the strawberry blonde hairstyle.

Dark Bob

Your strawberry blonde hairstyle doesn’t have to have light highlights but can take a darker version like the one here.

Striking Red

The first that catches your attention is the red hues on this hairstyle. Moreover, that is what the colorist had in mind – to grip your attention.


Inspire your Strawberry Blonde Hairstyle

Now that we have inspired you with the 100 variations you can make out of the strawberry blonde highlights, we expect that you’ll start your new hairstyle journey on a strawberry note. Hopefully, this article helped you to understand the basics of the hairstyle. It’s now time for you to pick a style from the list above for your next hairstyle appointment.


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