77 Fabulous Hairstyle Ideas For All Women With Thick Hair


If you have thick hair, you are one lucky girl, for sure! Many women desire thick locks and are usually in the search for answers to questions like how to make hair thicker and fuller naturally or how to get thicker hair overnight. Many hairstyles and haircuts can make your hair appear bulkier when you try them on. You can get hair extensions as well if you are willing to get the appearance of thicker locks. Make sure you experiment and choose the ones that you feel comfortable and relaxed with. Wear it with an attitude to leave an impact.

If you are ready, then let’s dive into the article and find out more on how to get thicker hair for a female! You can try using hair oils and even get medicines and vitamin supplements to get your hair to grow thicker! These can also answer questions like how to get thick hair for men. The body is the primary thing here, and you need to take care of what you are eating and how you are cleaning and adding moisture to your hair.

How to Make Hair Thicker and Fuller Naturally Home Remedies

  1. You can oil your hair with a variety of oils!
  2. Make sure you have a nutritious diet to get healthy hair.
  3. Deep condition your hair with oils and do it once a week.
  4. Use a hot towel to steam your hair once you oil it.
  5. Use eggs and avocado masks to add fatty acids to your hair.
  6. Do not use harsh chemicals and lower hair coloring and bleaching
  7. You can use onion oil and use it frequently to regrow hair

77 Best Ways to Style Your Thick Haircuts

Pink short hairstyles

These pink hairstyles have been gaining a lot of popularity in recent times. You are sure to look amazing. Try to keep the shades as closer to vibrancy as possible to match the theme of bold hues.

thick hairMid Length haircut

If you are looking for a beautiful cut and length, this is undoubtedly the one you need to choose! The mid-length cut here is perfect when you want to keep your hair not too long and not too short either.

Lovely Colors and texture

There are waves in this long thick hair, and you can see the colors on them! The highlights here are blonde, and you are sure to love them. Choose colors and get it done today.

Side view

Your hair needs to look good from all sides. The side view here is sure to get questions into your head about this layered look. You can be assured that it looks fantastic from all angles.

Shades you will love

These brown and blonde hues are beautiful, and you can look your best as you try them on. The shades you choose can make a difference in your whole attire and add depth and dimension to your hair.

Purples and reds

These deep dark tones of purple are perfect and go along with the reds here! You are sure to fall in love with the hues in here and adding waves to the hair can give it an elegant look.

The tuck and loop

You can quickly achieve this look here if you have thick hair. You can tie your hair on the back and then loop your hair on itself; make a tuck to get this look here.

The twisted buns

These elegant buns in here are fantastic, and the rolled up hair on the back looks beautiful. You can see how graceful it looks from all angles. The loose side hair has waves on them, and it looks good too.

Cascading layers

When you cut your hair in layers, you can see them fall on top of each other. You can see the short hair cascading on top of one another, and it has a captivating appeal to it.

Angled haircut

There are angles on this cut here, and you are sure to make the most of it in pictures! The middle sections are significant, and the hair has some sharp ends that are cut at an angle.

For all face shapes

These hairstyles are perfect for all face shapes, and you can wear them as you like! You can try getting the hair layered to thin them out a bit if you are not into looking bulky.

Relaxed hair

There is a relaxed vibe to this look here, and you can see how natural it looks. The sides view does no justice to the way it looks great once you see it from the front.

Gorgeous look

This one here is a great look, and you can try it on if you have thick hair. You can see the middle partition here, and they add the needed balance to the hair.

Everyday casual look

This look here has an everyday relaxed vibe, and you can see how good you look once you get them done. Wear them out for days when you head out, and it can impress everyone you meet.

Slight wave

Many say “I used to have thick hair” and now are worried about not having much! You are sure to love the streams on this hairstyle. There are shades of brown on here too.

Salon colored hair

Getting your hair colored in with different hues can make them look exciting and beautiful. You can see the shade in here, and they are stunning and shiny too, which can be achieved with professional help.

 Layered black hair

If you have long black hair, this is the layered hair that you need to get on board with. The shine and thickness in this look are beautiful, and we are in love with the length here.

The mid-part

You can get your hair parted in the middle here and get this look. The highlight here is on point, and the dark shades on the base are stunning too. Make sure you add some waves to make the hair look feminine.

Light brown shades

You can add light brown shades in your hair and make them pop out even more. You can see there are deep tones in here and they all make a very flattering look for medium to dark skin tones.

Effortless look

You can see that there is not a lot of effort put into this look here. You need not add the curls and make it extravagant to make the hairstyle pop out. This is undoubtedly an effortless look.

Thick hair

Thick haircuts are harder to find, but once you get them, they look great! You can see how there is volume here on top, but the base here has no layers! This is a look that most can try on!

Deep brown tones all over

All love shades of deep brown, and you can see why! They add depth and still give off a natural look to the hair. There are many thick hair extensions that you can get to achieve the same look.

Face-framing haircut

These face-framing curls are fitting for all occasions. There are many haircuts like this one here, and you can try it for yourself if you have a round face.

Well-rounded look

There is enough volume round in this short hair! You can get the same effect if you add layers on the sides and use a blow dryer!

Everyday perfect

These thick hair ideas are ideal if you are looking for an everyday look! You can see the colors in here, and they are not overwhelming or too bold!

Long hair

If you have thick hair and you grow it bigger, then it is going to look majestic. Add colors to break the monotony and add some light to the look.

Braids pinned at the back

This is an ideal look for thick hair. You can braid the sections on the sides and pin them at the end to get this elegant look.

Event ready

Every girl wants to have perfect hair. You can see the hair colors in here are deep and dark and they are always prepared for any occasion or event that you need to attend to.

Looped hair pony

This is a sloppy look, and you can see the sides are hanging on as well. The ponytail here shows off the thick hair. Wrap the hair tie to create a polished look.

Use blow dryer for volume

You can use a blow dryer and get the volume on the hair like never before. Here we have a look that has the flirty, fun vibe to it and it is a dream!

Layers for volume

Adding layers to thick hair can make your thick hair appear big and voluminous! You can see the blonde and dark shades in here, and they have a feminine appeal.

Healthy hair

There are a lot of things you can do to get healthy hair. You can use deep conditioning products and add the products as per your hair issues.

Deep short hair

There are deep shades on this look here, and we love these hues here! You can get your short hair the oomph it deserves as you get them colored and styled.

Thick bangs on the front

Getting these bangs on the front can be a great idea. You can get them on, and it makes the hair look well transitioned and also helps to cover up fine line if you have any!

Celebrity Hair

Celebs have thick hair, and you can see the looks here to get inspired. The colors they choose are always working well for their skin tones and are exotic too.


You can use a headscarf and headband to get this look. There are many colors and patterns that you can get your scarf in, and it ties the hair together well.

Shaven at the back

The hairstyle has the back shaved, and it looks fantastic. The thick, bulky appearance has a striking look to it. This can be perfect as a professional office day look.

Short black hair

There are layers on this look here, and you can see how the waves on the sides are working well. The black hues are natural, and it adds depth to the look.

Popular over Instagram

These hairdos are stunning and are gaining a lot of popularity over the internet! Instagram has a lot of these pictures making the rounds, and we surely recommend them.

Blunt Cut Bob

There are many varied options of bob hairdos, and you can see one in here. The blunt cut bob here has many women going gaga over this short hair.

Deep brown hues

If you are looking for an earthy tone to add to your hair, then this is the hue to try on! The colors here are stunning, and you can achieve a relaxed look with this.

Big, bouncy curls

There are big bouncy curls here that are natural, and we love how they have the needed volume on them. You can try on any hairstyle you want if you have thick hair.

Simple and sexy

This look here is simple, and it has a sexy vibe! You can see the dark hues on the top here, and they add depth to the whole look as the blonde works well as an ombre color.

Get yourself some layers

You can add layers of any kind to make the hair look big and thick! You can see the added waves in this look, and it adds feminine vibes evident here.

Well-styled bob

Some celebs wear their hair on the red carpet events with the utmost grace, and we love how many get inspired by them! Here is a well-styled look that you can try on.


The colors and textures on this look here have the simplistic appeal that we find admirable. You can look beautiful effortlessly when you get these subtle colors on to your hair!

Dark roots and blonde shade

The essential combination that most stylists recommend is the dark base here with blonde hues on them! They are beautiful and manage to look well put together every day!

Graceful and stunning

This look here is elegant, and they have been worn by many movie stars as well! Once taken as a hairdo for the mature women, nowadays it is widely used by teens as well.

The voluminous pony

There is a lot of volume on this look here, and you can add it in by backcombing the crown section of your hair. You can make a simple ponytail look polished as you do this.

Bun on the back

If you have textured thick hair, you will be able to pull off this look well! You can add the bun on the back, and you are ready for the day.

Longer Bangs

If you are thinking to get bangs on your hair, here is a look that might inspire you! You can see the bangs here are face framing and low as well.

Tones of purple!

Purple accents are lovable, and we are sure you have seen these bold colors being sported by daring women! It is your time to try it on now!

Blues green and red

Adding colors to your thick hair can make the hair look more polished. You can add teal blues and greens to your short hair and also add a pop of red to make it look outstanding.

Forever trendy

The brown tinges of hair always manage to look stylish no matter what time it is! You can see these looks never going out of fashion, and we recommend it to you for the same reason.

Add some highlights

A way to add flair to your thick hair is by getting highlighting shades on them! Here there is a use of blonde on dark black hair, and it makes a well-rounded look.

Dark purple and lilac shades

There are dark and light shades in here all mixed up, and they make a fantastic blend! You can see the darker purples are great with the bright hues of lilac!

Long bob

Trying on long bob can be a life changing thing! You can look professional and also have a touch of glam when you try on these looks.

Youthful short hair

There are many short hair options for you, and you can try on the layered look if you want a youthful fun vibe. You can try this look next!

Coppery blonde tones

Women of all ages have loved the coppery blonde hair. You can see that the shades here are perfect for pale skin and it works well as a full-on color.

The glamorous touch

There is a touch of glam to this look, and we are sure you can see how good it looks! You can get the same effect on your hair if you visit a salon.

Waves or sleek hair

You can look your best when you try on these wavy or stylish hairdos! The textures are perfect for everyone. No matter what hair color you have or what hair length you get, you can add curls to them or keep them straight!

Kris Jenner’s Hair

Kris Jenner has here the best look for sure. You can see how the short hair suits her well. The manager of the Kardashian sisters has made the look stunning for her age, and it is best for all women.

Blunt bob with short bangs

The blunt bob here is perfect for teenagers, and you can get the same effect for yourself. The bangs here are short, and the round edges are different too! Make sure you try this look the next time you want a change.

Short layers on sides

You can add layers to your thick hair and get the more flared outlook like this one here. Make sure you keep them short and to the side for a youthful and vibrant look that needs no styling.

Long angled bob

There is longer bob here, and you are sure to love this look. You can see the darker base, and the blonde on the bottom works for all skin tones. This is a celebrity-approved look too.

Blonde and purples

There are bold shades of blonde and purple tones in here, and you can try on this look for a unique look. The purple base is working well here and will surely set you aside from the other hairdos you have tried on before.

Graceful curls

Curls can add vibrancy and youthful vibes to the hair. The bright blonde hues on the hair are bright and beautiful. The side part works well for all skin tones. They make the hair look like that of a celeb!

The classic waves

There are perfect waves on the hair here, and you can get the ever beautiful look as you try on this hairdo. The makeup and hair colors are making the har look stunning here, and you can try to get the same look as you follow this hairdo.

Sleek advertisement hair

You are sure to have seen silky shiny and thick hair on the advertisements of hair products. You can get the idea that this is how to get long, thick hair in a week. But we can assure you that such standards of beauty are unattainable.


A muffled central part

The central part here is stifled, and the hidden sections are proof of healthy hair. You can try on this look if you have short hair and are looking for a more age appropriate look for yourself.

Taylor Swift’s locks

There is no denying that Taylor Swift gives us some major hair goals. When we look at her hair, we are enticed by it! You can try on this bob with bangs look of hers and copy the colors too to look as stunning as she does.

Short choppy Hair

You can see chopped off layers on the back here, and there are curls on them too! The waves on this look are stunning, and you are sure to feel more comfortable with this look than any other hairdo you have ever tried.

If you found this article to help answer your queries and help you figure out a way to manage your locks, make sure to show it some love by giving it a big thumbs up. You can share it with women you know who face the same issues with thick hairstyles and help them figure out their problem too. If you loved this article, you are sure to enjoy more of our content. Stay tuned for more on such fashion and hair related tricks and tips. Follow us, and till next time we catch up with you, stay stylish!


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