121 Adorable Toddler Haircuts Ideas That We Cannot Get Over!


Choosing the perfect toddler haircuts for your precious babies is a hard task. You can try on the looks that you might think are easy to handle, but they are seldom the best fit for your kid. They can be quite fussy with the outcome of these haircuts, so it is best that you take their help while deciding the hairstyles for them! You can look through these stunning hairstyles we have here and try out the same for your kids the next time you are looking to change their style. Make sure you keep their comfort in mind, as well.

You can keep yourself happy, and your kids are looking stunning as well when you try on these hairstyles. We made sure to collect all the best haircuts that you can try out. They can be short or long, and they do work for all hair textures as well. You can try these out to match the season as well. You can check out the sections we have created here to find the vibe that you want for your baby; be it the adorable style or the stylish one! Here are 121 cute toddler haircuts ideas, and we cannot get over them!

Sleek Hairdo for boys!

If you are looking for a sleek hairstyle for boys, then this is the look you want! You can see the neat cut side swept look and it has these sections that are kept in place with some gel. These hairstyles are easy to replicate, and you can get it done on your baby boy’s hair once you visit an experienced hairdresser. These are perfect for some wedding scenarios!

toddler haircutsAdorable hairstyles for toddlers

If you want to try out the most beautiful and charming hairstyles that work out for kids, then this is the section for you to navigate through. You can try on these hairdos without a doubt and make your baby look and feel comfortable as well.  Here are some hairstyle ideas that are sure to get you going ‘aww’ over them. Make sure you screenshot these images for later reference.


Braided hairstyles for girls!

Braided looks work out for all toddler haircuts girl have on! You can see how adding twists on your hair can make your baby looks more polished and add a fun vibe to it! You can try these looks out for a school day or even take them out for a fun day. These are some images that can get you excited about adding braids on to your kid’s hair!

The Gentleman Look!

Here are some hairstyles that can make your baby look like a complete gentleman. You can see the side swept hair with the clean cut in here and it has a look that everybody loves! You are sure to love this look here for your toddler if you are willing to keep things simple and classy. These are adorable in every manner, and we love how these hairdos work for all hair textures!

Cool hairstyles for boys

If you are looking for cool hairstyles to try on for your baby, then this is the look for you! You can see these are looking like they came straight out of the magazine covers! You can try out these looks for your toddler if they find these to be interesting. These images have been carefully put up for you down here.

Straight hair

If you are interested in little boy haircuts for straight hair, then this is the section that you want to visit! You can see how the hair on the sides have the layers on them added to the smooth hair! You can try on the same look and style them as you please as well. These hairstyles are increasingly getting trendy as the hairstyles that all toddlers want for themselves.

Longer hair length!

If you are looking to keep the length of your baby’s hair longer, then you can try on these hairstyles here. These are options of toddler haircuts that work for baby boys, and they are sure to be easy to get done as well. You can try on different hairstyles when you have the freedom of having that length on the hair. This makes it a must-try look for young kids!

Textured hair

If your baby has textured hair, here are some of the hairstyles that you can try on. We have showcased a look for a baby girl on top here and a baby boy on the bottom. The best thing you can do for your baby is that you can add conditioner to their hair and make it as soft and manageable as you can. These are stunning, and you should not try to change it!

The natural look

If your baby is small, then you should not be cutting their hair. This helps to make them look natural and also keeps the ends of the hair softer and makes them feel comfortable. You can try to trim off some sections off if they are getting increasingly long on the front. They can get in the eyes and poke your little one, so you need to be careful of that.

Straight cut hair!

These are cute little short hairstyles that work out for little girls. You can see how the hair has been cut straight and has no layers on them! These are perfect if your baby has short or shoulder-length hair on them. You can show them these looks and let them choose the one that they can get on board with. Here you will find all the styles that you need!

Ponytails all over!

One of the most simple and easy hairstyles that you can try on your baby is the ponytail. You can check out some of these hairstyles here, and they are stunning. You can see how you can come up with a unique look for your toddler haircuts and style them to look as fabulous as these here. Here are some beautiful and stunning looks with ponytails that are different and appealing.

A ribbon on top!

You can see how adding on a ribbon on the hair can make your daughter’s hairdo look extra special. You can try on adding a colorful or stylish bow on the top or the bottom when you tie out a braided look. Here are some ideas that you can take some subtle inspiration from.

Side faded hairstyles

These hairstyles are every day as the little boy haircuts 2018 on Instagram. You are sure to have seen these looks if you have been looking up for toddler haircuts online. These looks have a sidecut, and they are stylish and sleek! The effort of the hairdressers can be seen clearly with these hairstyles. Your boy is sure to love you if you let him get any one of these looks!

Short hairstyles for boys

We have collected these stunning and stylish toddler haircuts that you can try on quickly. They are not difficult to get done and will not take a lot of time as well. You can see how these hairstyles are stunning, and they are sure to keep your baby boy feeling relaxed all day long. They are easy to style short haircuts that work on most hair textures as well.

Spikes on the hair

You can add spiked on the hair of your baby boy and get them ready for any event and occasion! This is a classic look, and it works out for a lot of toddler haircuts as well. You can try on the spikes with some hair gel that are not that harmful! They are sure to love this hairdo! Make sure you help them get the gel out to keep their hair safe!

Everyday look

This is one of the simple and natural looks to try on for everybody. The toddler haircuts in these looks are the perfect choice for your baby boy. If you like to be minimalistic, then you can try on this look here. The sides are thinner, and the side swept hair works out well. You can keep the layers to a minimum to make your kid feel comfortable.

Topbun hairstyles for boys

One of the coolest hairstyles you can try on with your baby boy is the top bun on here! You can see how these top buns are different from each other. The first one in here has the sides thinned out, and the high bun is sleek and pulled back as well. The next one here is more on the fashionable side. You can see the side shave as well.

Wedding day flower girl look

If your baby is to be the flower girl on a wedding, then you can try on some of these toddler haircuts! You can see how the first one here is adorable beyond measures! If your baby is very young and has thin short hair, then you can try out the first look here. The next look here is perfect for toddlers that are a bit bigger in age.

Pigtails on!

You can try out these pigtails irrespective of the toddler haircuts you choose. These are stunning, and you can try on the looks for school going, kids. Here we have two dynamic looks. One has a braided hair that has been pulled on to pigtails. There are beads on the ends here too. Whereas the lower image here is a haircut that has bangs on them and some hairpins on the top as well.

The Mohawk hairdo

The Mohawk here has the perfect cut. These can be a hard choice for some parents as this one here is a rebellious look and is not welcome in a lot of households. But if you are willing to try them out, here are some classic Mohawk toddler haircuts that you can try out for your baby boys! These are different in all shapes, and you can spot them as you look at these thoroughly!

Space buns

One of the fun looks we have in here is the space buns! You can see the top buns on here. These are simply two buns on the top, and they can be worn to any occasion. These work for any toddler haircuts and you are sure to love these! They will save you time in the rushed early mornings when you need to get them ready for a school day!

Waves on hair

These can be called the toddler boy haircuts 2018 and these were widely popular back in the day as well. These hairstyles are colorful and fun in their way. These toddler haircuts work out the best if your baby has natural curls on their hair! No matter what the hair length is, you are sure to find the hairstyle that works out for your baby’s textured hair in here!

Casual Look

There is this casual and relaxed look here. You can see the natural curls falling freely, and you can see how liberating this look is. These are easy toddler haircuts ideas, and you can let your baby girl grow her hair out! If you desire to keep the face free from the hair strands, you can pin the sections of your hair and then pin them down on the back.

Bangs for boys!

These toddler haircuts are perfect for boys that want longer sections of hair. You can get them these bangs and let them enjoy the sheer joy of having a relaxed and liberating hairdo. If you want them to have a longer length of hair, then you can try on these looks here. You can trim out the bangs as they get longer though.

Multiple Angles

Here we have a picture that you can check out from four different angles. You can see how the short hair in here has the style in it that everybody loves. You can see the spiked up hair and get the same look with some hair gel back home as well. The sides are thinner, and you can opt for the same look to enhance the top portion here.

Longer on the front

You can check out these toddler haircuts here and choose to keep the longer sections of your boy’s hair intact! These hairstyles are stunning and are a comfortable look for your baby as well. The sides have the thinner parts on them, and it can keep your kids feeling fresh and looking sharp! The side shaves sure to exaggerate the longer sections of hair and makes this a well-rounded look.

Add some accessories!

You can add on some accessories on to your toddler haircuts and then enjoy the look that you come up with. Here are some cute ideas for you to take inspiration from. The headband with the bow is particularly stunning. You can see the hairpins on the next hairstyles here as well. These are readily available in the markets, and you can get them to match the dress that you are making your princess wear.

Pretty in pair!

These hairstyles are amazing, and this adorable picture here is sure to entice you! You can see small buns on the first toddler here, and she manages to carry it off well! The next hairdo here has a little hair bow on the top and braided on either side. The addition of colorful hair accessories like hair ties makes this a beautiful style. These are the optimal choice if you have twin girls!

Summer vibes

These toddler haircuts are fit for the hot summer days! There is summer like vibes on these hairdos, and you are sure to love it! The longer hair is a look that most parents are okay with, and so we have presented some of these options for you here. The curls are all natural on these boys, and you can see how they look happy and comfortable in their hairstyles.

Haircut options

There are a lot of haircut options that you can try on for your toddler. You can try on the same look for your baby girl and get her a relaxing day at the salon! This look here is one of the most loved and adored baby girl toddler hairstyles that one can try! The subtle ends and the layers on this look are perfect if your kid has to attend school!

Natural curls

Here we have some toddler boy haircuts for curly hair firstly and then a couple of looks that adhere to the needs of toddler haircuts for girls! You can see how there is a difference in the length and texture of the curls that they have. You can try on the looks that are favorable for your needs. These looks are sure to inspire you in many ways. Make sure you try these out this season.

Thin hair

If your kid has sparse hair and you are looking for toddler boy haircuts for fine hair, then these are the styles that you need to try out! The hair strands are spikey, and you can see how it looks in the picture here. This is surely a look that we recommend you try out once with your baby boy. Once done, you can style them in any way that you see fit.

Stunning hairstyles for black hair

There are some looks that we have in here that are perfect for black kids. These are more true to the African culture, and these are perfect for all occasions. You can check these looks out for yourself and choose the right one for you! There are variations in terms of hair lengths and the styles here that are suitable to the needs of individual parents who desire toddler haircuts!

Sidecut hairstyles

You can see how the hair has a side cut in an angular shape on the temples. You can see the spikes on the hair and be assured that this is a relaxed look for your baby to have. These are the best and most trendy looks that you can get for your kids. Make sure you take your kid to an expert barber to get the exact results.

Everybody’s preference!

This one here is a simple hairstyle, and many love this look! You can try on the same look for your baby boy as well. The longer sections of hair on the front fall freely on the forehead, and it has the freedom to it too. These are the first choices of the parents who want to keep things simple and comfortable for their kids without the hassles of overdoing the styles on toddler haircuts!

Remarkable toddler haircuts

You can classify this as little boy haircuts for straight hair 2018. You can see how adorable these are, and we cannot get over how they fit for every little boy out there. The pictures here are remarkable, and you can see why we are recommending this one. You can surely bookmark this article or get a screenshot of this hairstyle to take it as a reference to your barber.

If you were looking for toddler haircuts, we are sure you have found your pick. You can try on the looks you have navigated through as you reach the end of this article here. These are the hairstyles that are sure to keep both you and your kid happy. Some styles work for both girls and boys. There are options in here for all hair lengths and hair textures as well. By the end, here you are sure to have concluded. You can take screenshots of the hairstyles you adore and take them out to your hairdresser!

If this article was helpful in your quest of finding the best toddler haircuts, then make sure you show it some love and give it a big thumbs up. You can share this around in your group and help your dear ones find the hairstyle for their kids as well. You can try on some of these yourself to look matching with your kid. The compilation above has all the answers to your hairstyle and haircut queries. So make sure you go through it with precision! Stay with us for more of such helpful and interesting fashion related articles.


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