101 Trendy Top Knot Bun Hairstyles That Will Sweep You Off Your Feet

A top knot bun is one for the books that women love to wear not only on regular days but also on special occasions. It looks very natural, yet brings your hairstyle to another dimension.

The hairstyle doesn’t just help you put all your hair together, but it can fairly show your bare face in style. It’s a hairdo that’s off the cuff, which gives fair dealing to any hair type.

There are many types of hair bun that women love, including a side bun that we have already collected here for inspiration. But the top knot bun hairstyles are paving their way to the spotlight this year.

A-lister celebrities have donned this hairstyle with elegance and most of us are definitely living for it. It’s a kind of hairstyle that doesn’t require too much time, yet you can be super chic and groovy at the same time.

But while there are too many different top knot bun hairstyles out there that we can choose from, the best choice will never be painless. With that being said, we have arranged the finest hair ideas for you so you don’t have to go elsewhere.

Don’t be too hard on yourself though. This collection is going to make you fall in love, but we assure you that you can’t wait to ask your hairstylist to make you a bun or even do it yourself at home in a second.

Check these out, girls!

Curly top knot bun

With your curls, you can get a messy but stylish bun in just a minute. It looks natural and extra pretty!top knot bun

Crown bun

This is perfect for women who have thick hair, and your curls or big waves are a plus to achieve this cute crown bun.

Half-up knot

If you love to the rest of your hair fall around your shoulders, you can settle on a half-up bun. We assure you that it doesn’t take five minutes or so to do this.

Accessorized high bun

There are plenty of hair accessories to pair with your bun. This one is more on matching a costume with that two tied hair on each side.

Cool space buns

There is nothing any dandier than sporting those two awesome top space buns with pastel hair strands. This is perfect this summer!

Voluminous with highlights

You can get a baggy high bun with your thick hair with few hair strands lurking around your face. The highlights are also underscored in this hairstyle.

Tousled top bun

Hairstyles like this can be your best friend with its natural strands wrapped around the bun for a more sophisticated and chicer look. This can be your everyday look without spending too much time. Just follow the steps shown in the photo below.

Inverted braid bun

You can ask someone to make a French braid for you starting at the bottom. But if you know how to do it yourself, that’s even better. You only need a hair tie for this one and create a bun as soon as you reach the top of your head.

Braid smooth top bun

Making a braid is easy, but if you want it to be perfect, you can ask someone to do it for you. Try a large braid at the top of your hair and just make a modest bun on the remaining ends. The dark roots make it appear groovy and trendy.

Adorable high bun

Black hair is elegant enough to carry a cute bun, which appears gullible and calm.

Meek knot with wispy waves

It is always nice to wear a hairstyle that fits everyone taste. With your wispy waterfall waves and flashy highlights, the modest knot bun is going to be really cool.

Moderate bun on long, wavy locks

An extra long hair can be very helpful in creating ultra chic top knot bun hairstyles. Either you want to put all of it together for a massive bun, or just pick a few strands to create a simple knot, it’s still beyond gorgeous.

Simple know on short textured hair

With the help of bobby pins and a hair tie, you can achieve this look easily. The textured, short hair is emphasized on this one. It looks cool.

Sleek top knot

This is another style that you would want to consider for a makeover. We love how sleek and polished this one is. You can do this if you want to show off more of your face.

Vintage bun

This is one of the classic top knot bun hairstyles that are still super popular to this date. Wavy hair looks great on this with a pair of big loop earrings to match your outfit of the day.

High space buns

Space buns are extra cool and most young girls wear them on a regular basis. If you like it beyond gorgeous, pair them with any hair accessories or hair colors.

Long bun with blunt bangs

With this hairstyle, you need to have extra long locks. The blunt straight bangs make this hairstyle more dramatic.

Extra silky high bun

Extra long and silky hair creates an extra classy bun. It’s a must-have this summer!

Glitzy bun

Whatever the type of bun you’d like to have, a posh hair accessory can be a great partner with your messy, top knot.

Chignon buns

Space buns plus chignon-inspired style is your ultimate summer hairstyle. Try this one out on your summer makeover.

Double knot bun

With your polished hair, a double top knot bun is classy enough to put on this hairstyle daily.

Full bangs and a sleek bun

We love how the bun is being done on this hair. It’s silky and smooth with the dramatic blunt, choppy bangs.

Braids bun

If you want a twist for braids bun, you can create two lines of small braids and finish them with a big braid wrapped around a single bun. It looks awesome!

Brushed up

A traditional bun brushed back and polished, but with this style, the front bangs are being brushed up to create a bulky and romantic look for the bun.

Braided top space buns

Another reversed braids but double space buns this time that settles on top. This is super cool not to mention the ash gray highlights here. It is worth trying this summer!

Gleaming hair with a big bun

One of the most loved sleek hairstyles is the top knot bun settling on top of the glossy hair that’s put all together to look ultra chic and classy.

Glossy bun

Here is another glossy top knot bun that is making its way to a glam summer party.  This is one of the women’s favorite hairstyles during the summer season.

Topknot with falling hair strands

The glam work on this one is matchless with those beautiful knots paired with a few hair strands falling around the face. The highlights look amazing too!

Blonde buns with braids

This is a bit more advanced space buns that match well with the all-time favorite French braids that drape around the top knots facing each other. The addition of the smaller braid in the middle is very chic too!

The Jenner top knot hairstyle

Social media influencer and reality star Kendall Jenner is the modest and most low-key member of the Jenner-Kardashian clan. But this time, she steps out sporting a tousled top knot bun that looks very effortless and easy to copy.

Ash blonde big top knot

For big top knots, extra long hair works best to achieve this look. We can’t get over this ash blonde hue showing those dark roots that look a little tousled, but very classy and trendy.

Bulky bun

We know that buns are usually big, but making sure that your hair can underscore it is something we can rely on for your next summer aura.

Twirls and messy strands

There are a lot of ways on how to make a top knot, but making it look like more of a twirled at the top is regal! Leaving the baseline of your hair ruffled with fringes makes it more of a perfect summer look.

Flowery bun

If you are looking for a more formal look for a formal occasion, try using any flashy hair accessories like this flowery clips. This is actually a perfect look at weddings.

Braids and a bun

You can be really fancy and regal with your hip tiny braids when you pick a lot of strands from them, tie them up and make an incredible top knot bun.

Three braids in one bun

We absolutely love these three in one hairstyle with blunt choppy bangs. The black hair makes it chicer and dramatic.

Sleek crown bun

This crown bun is definitely sparkling in size. It’s very regal with an artsy twist. This is perfect for those who have long and thick hair.

Golden blonde bun

Some top knot bun hairstyles are sleek and formal. But if you want a more casual and an everyday-look bun, you can opt for this one – a little tousled but pretty chic. We love the golden blonde hue bun here.

Towering buns

Ultra tall buns are very regal. Whether you are attending a special occasion or wearing this on regular days, it doesn’t matter. The stylish buns matter the most.

Windswept ends

You can always get a natural look on a bun with the ends of your hair lurking at the back. That little chignon-style twist made on the right side of the hair is very cute.

Lustrous blonde bun

Here’s another inspiration for a sleek bun that can match well with any special events or even on regular days. This can be your perfect everyday-look – it can be your best friend with your daily errands.

Small top knots

You can split your hair into two sections and make a small bun on each partition. This is another version of space buns with a cute twist.

Ruffled bun with soft waves

This won’t take a minute to create with all the soft waves that underscore the ash gray highlights. It’s very trendy and effortless.

Easy bun on gleaming hair

Topknot buns are very easy to make, especially on sleek, straight hair. Whether you have medium-length or extra long hair, it would still look glamorous.

Small bun on braids with beach waves

You can leave the rest of your beach waves to fall off around your shoulders and create side braids that will end up a small bun. Girls will definitely love this!

Ultra lustrous hair with a sleek bun

A refined hairstyle, despite its texture, is very prim and proper. Whether or not you are invited to a special occasion or you’re just planning on a trip, you can get this top knot hairstyle that can match well with any occasion.

Messy topknot on tousled fine hair

Are you gearing up for your summer holidays? Why not try this ruffled hairstyle that can go along with your beach trip?

Egyptian-inspired bun

Most Egyptians usually have sleek buns. But this one is another inspiration with cute tufts twisting around the bun.

Extra large top knot bun

With this mega topknot style, one can well imagine your social status. But it doesn’t mean like that these days. It means a single thing – ultimate fashion and beauty.

Turban topknot

If you are not too keen on adding braids to your bun, you can use hair accessories such as a headband to make it look more stylish. It’s a timeless hairdo for women!

Half-tied bun

If you like an effortless and comfy look, you can opt for this half-tied bun that fits well with any outfit you like for an everyday look.

Undercut with lines and patterns

Undercut for girls are very hip because this is normally the cut for boys. But women can definitely pull it off with style and elegance. And a bun with these patterns and lines is ultra chic!

Unkempt top knot bun

You can still carry this unkempt hairstyle à la mode without making an extra effort.

Silky curls topknot

This will be your ultimate updo if you have curly hair. The length plays a big role as it can be the one to create such big twist bun.

Princess bun with braids

If you want to look like a princess, this can be your best hairstyle.

Half-tied bun with balayage highlights

You can emphasize your balayage highlights through making a half-tied bun.

Bride bun

Whether or not you are the bride, this is the bun that you would want to wear on special occasions like weddings.

Twisted bun with dark roots

To put emphasis on your dark roots, you can gather your hair altogether and create a cute top knot bun.

Blonder flower bun

Sleek hair plus a cute flower bun is one-of-a-kind.

The J.Lo bun

Jennifer Lopez is the queen of sleek top knot bun hairstyles. So, this is absolutely worth trying.

Ash gray bun with short fringes

The short bangs add more romance to this stunning ash gray hair.

Petals accessory

If you want a gaudier bun, try adding a glitzy hair accessory.

Big braid bun

A big braid on a bun is certainly cute and lovely.

Concealed ringlets

Ringlets are beautiful with topknots, especially with bright hair color.

Centered bun

Let those flowy waves lurk around and make that cute bun with the brushed up strands.

Chignon petals

Girls with curly or wavy hair can get this hairstyle perfectly with ease.

Blonde scruffy bun

With all those messy hairstyles, this one will be ideal for blonde girls.

Fine bun

For girls with fine, thin hair, this one is the best style for you.

Curly Bun

Big hair does better with a big curly bun.

Waterfall waves and bun

Your waterfall locks would look better with a few knots on top.

Twisted space buns

With a twist, you can achieve this groovy hairstyle in a minute.

Full buns and hair strands

You can gather all your hair together to create this messy, but pretty top knot bun.

Summer bun hairstyle

This is your perfect look for a summer holiday.

Fine, smooth bun

For special events, you can trust this hairstyle.

Twisted topknot hairstyle

Follow the steps below to achieve this romantic look.

Looped bun

We love how the round buns made this look chicer.

Smooth double bun

Whether or not you’re using a wig, this is just magical!

The Ariana bun

While known for her signature ponytail, Ariana Grande beats the best top knot hairstyles with this one.

Ruffled waves

You can have some braids whilst wearing a messy bun too.

Hippie bun

The hippies are the ones who can perfectly wear this bun with style and elegance.

Big twists

Buns have a lot of ways to style such as big twists for a perfect summer look.

Choppy bangs and a bun

This can go with any events that you are invited to.

Blonde locks and tousled bun

For your fine locks, you can make a messy bun that would put emphasis on your naturally dark roots.

Bold and extraordinary

This is another messy but pretty bun that you can decently wear anytime.

Flashy pastels

If you like a more eccentric style, your pastel colors can do a lot better.

The RiRi bun

With curtain fringes, you can style your hair and pull it off as much as Rihanna.


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