104 Remarkable Unicorn Hair That You Need to Try This Season!


There are no other hair trends more fairytale worthy than the unicorn hair! You can see these hair colors making their presence felt in most of the social media sites. These hair trends are excellent, for they help people live out their unicorn fantasies! The colors and the patterns can differ according to your choices, but they are sure to look excellent once they are done. We made sure there is a vast option here for you to choose from, no matter what hair length or hair texture you are blessed with.

There are hair colors here where some focus more on the pinks and blues, while others are all neutral shades with a mix of colors. You can choose to get the darker shades of some colors on the base as well. Some unicorn hair ideas involve the use of light pastel shades. They add shine and natural luster to the hair, which works excellent for the unicorn fantasy! These hues are an excellent inspiration for teenagers nowadays. Here are some hair inspirations that you can take ideas from in this collection. We are sure you will find the shades and cut to match your liking here!

The dark roots

There are darker roots on this hairstyle here, and you can see for yourself that it has the depth added to the look. The shiny, unicorn hair is excellent too.

unicorn hair The Digital one

You can get the color you want digitally printed out for you too. You can see what colors to get at which section of your hair. It sure makes it easy!

Toddler’s fantasy look

Every kid has their fantasy, and there are a lot of them who love the unicorn hair! You can fulfill their dream with someone’s lasting colors too.

Flowery touch

Unicorn hair has some beautiful colors in them, and you can add on the flowers on like this one here to add to the effect. Make your choice and get the look.

Professional styling

There is a difference in the hair when you color them in your home and when you get them done in a salon. The professionals handle it better for sure.

Remarkable Longhair

There are a lot of great hair ideas that have made the rounds on social media platforms. You can see them under unicorn hair goals, and here are some ideas for you.

Blunt cut hairstyle

There are blunt edges on this look here that we love. You can get this same edgy haircut for yourself and the unicorn hair color blends to achieve this look.

Make Your Pick

There are a bunch of hairstyles that you can try on. Here we showcase some out of the ordinary hairdos perfect for teenagers who want to stand out.

More of blues

There are shades of blue in concentration here, and we are in love! You can see the blue tones on the top, and they turn to lighter shades as we move down.

Knotted hairdo

There are knots here at the top, and you can see how it all has a funky vibe to it. You can get the same with some mild knots in your hair.

Braids on top

Braids are an excellent choice if you are looking to add grace to your hairstyle. Here we have braided hair on the sides that will save you time in the mornings.

Grey hair

There are grey hues on the top here, and you can see how well they work out with the rest of the colors. Get to your salon today to get this look.

Blues and pinks

You can try on these blues and match the shades of pink along with them to get this trendy look. You will love them for the color combination.

Two braided unicorn hair

Braided hairstyles on your unicorn hair is an ideal mix. You can try on getting colors of different colors and get this dual-toned hairstyle for yourself. You can try these looks here as well.

Change the look

If you have blonde hair with a dark base, it is time to change it up now! You can look at lime crime unicorn hair review online and get them done to yourself at home as well.

Reds and pinks

If you are interested in colors, then this is the look you want to go for! Here we have the bright pinks on top and the orange on the bottom.

Touch of lavender

You can spot lavender shades in this hairdo for sure, and they do make an impact. Try these hues out the next time you want a drastic change in your look.

 Platinum blonde base

If you have a platinum base underneath, your colors will show off well. There are color boxes on the back of which you can see that the hues are darker and stay better on a lighter base.

The difficult one!

You can see that this hairdo sure has its charm. But it is a difficult one to pull off. You cannot get the same effect without spending some time and effort into your locks!

Coppery tones

You can try out brown or coppery tones; you can do that in your unicorn hair. These hairstyles are fantastic since you can see the merge of colors well.

Waves and hues

You can add slight waves into your hair, and you will add body to the hair. You can notice the colors shine off of this look very well too.

Anyway you like

When you get the pastel unicorn hair colors on, you can try on any hairstyle of your choice. You can see that the colors work no matter what way you put them!


This hair color is as close to the end as you can get! You can see how well settled these hues are, and it has to be the work of an expert.

Rose gold here!

Rose gold is feminine and angel-like hair color, and we are sure you will love this! These are the rosy addition to your unicorn hair fantasy!

Glitter makes it better

You can add glitters to your hair and experience the magic of the unicorn hair. The buns and the sparkles have us going ‘aww’ over this majestic look.

Fine hair

You can try on this hair trend irrespective of the hair texture and length you have! If you have beautiful hair, you can go ahead with these shades to get a soft look.

Rainbow hair

Rainbow hair is a dream, and it looks fantastic on so many women! You can see the burst of colors here, and we love this classic blend as it works on all hair lengths!

Practice for perfection

No matter what hairstyle you want to try on, if you are doing it on yourself, you will need to practice a bit! You can see these shades and try out the braids too!

The transformation

You can check out the pictures to see what great transformation there is once you get your hair in these colors. The change is astounding, and we love it!

Go bold

If you want to go bold, here is your chance! You can see the side shaved look here can turn everybody’s head around for yourself!

Unicorn hair with a horn!

The unicorn hair pony look has gained a lot of momentum on the internet nowadays! You can see these colors, and the use of the horn on top makes this a complete look!

Get online help

There are thousands of tutorials online that can help you figure out the ways to get your hair colored in these unicorn shades. Here are some ideas for you too.

Before and after

Check out these pictures here to see how your hair will change once you get them colored! The curly hair will also start to look polished as you style them!

Fan blowout

The look here is a magazine cover-worthy look for sure! You can see how these colors have affected the look, and the flowing hair effect here is beautiful too.

Fiery red

These fiery red shades here are stunning, and we love these colors! They are fierce, and they express the inner strengths of a woman as well. Try out this passionate shade soon.

Zigzag buns

Get your hair some nice and neat section and create these buns on them for this stunning look. This is perfect for teenagers, and we love the colors and shine here.

Ombre hair

Ombre hair is a big hair trend, and we can see them on almost everyone! Here is an idea for you if you have never tried on these fabulous shades before.

The pink tone

There are many shades you can navigate through for your unicorn hair fantasies! This pink shade here is a crowd pleaser and will suit all skin tones as well when you match the intensity.

Get them curled

You can do any form of styling to your once you get the unicorn hair. They help the colors to shine through and give you a different appeal. Here is an idea you can reference!

Blue with green

Blue and green is a classic combination. You can see how these colors work out, and they can make the hair look extraordinarily stylish and unique! Here is a look with the same hues!


You can get close to being perfect with your customized unicorn hair! You can see they have a different appeal to them, and it all makes you look polished every day.

For everyone

There is a subtle shade of colors that works for everyone! You can try on these shades for yourself to know why we recommend it to you. Here are some colors to get you going!

The delightful makeup here!

The hair and makeup are the essential parts in an attire! You can see how the colors of the hair and makeup match here to create a flawless look.

Ash-blonde with pinks!

The combination of colors that never gets old is the blonde and pink. You can try on these shades for yourself and look adorable! Try keeping your base dark to get the depth.

A bold pop of colors

You can try this look here. It has the vibrancy we all love, and it makes everyone look youthful. It works great on long hair!

Halloween Look

This can be your Halloween look if you are in a hurry! You can see how the colors on your hair help to create a look that no one can say no to!


The sleek hair here is a perfect straight hair! You can see the shades in here and try on the same if you are enticed by it. Make sure you condition your hair thoroughly, though.


If you are fond of the earthy shades in here, then these browns in here are stunning. You can try on the colors if you have medium to dark skin tone!

Loose Braids

You can try on the loose braids for days when you are heading out with your friends. You can try keeping the shades like these here if you love it!

For mid-length hair

If you are stuck in between the long and short hair lengths, then this is the look for you! You can try on any hues you want, and here is a look for reference.

Almost Neon

These colors here are almost neon! They glow in the dark and give off the vibrancy hair effect. These are sure to entice you!

Hidden Layers

You can see how we have hidden layers of colors on this pastel pink shade here. You can try on the same look if you are trying to add some color to your short hair.

Cold Tones

This is one cool-toned hairstyle here that have the wintery vibes to them. The blues and greys here are sure to work for everyone! They have crisp tones to them too.

Wild curls

If you have naturally tight curls, then this is the color combination that you need to try on. These dark tones work well with the light hues here as well.

Seafoam Green

The shades of seafoam green in here is delightful. You can try on the lighter shades of the same color to add on as highlights! These work well for all skin tones.

Some waves

You can add some waves to make your hair look polished and pretty! Here we have the outward curls in the unicorn hair, and it all works out to perfection.

The basic

This is an everyday look for everyone! You can try on the same if you are new to the colors! They sure do wash out if you clean your hair a bit too much.

Pretty perfect

The short hair here is excellent, and it has the colors that make you feel beautiful! The ash blonde on the top works great with the pinks in here too!

Thick hair

Being blessed with thick hair can open you to a lot of hairstyling opportunities! You can try on some of these hairstyles that you can try on if you have bulky locks, and you will look fantastic.

Vibrant Hues

You can see the shine and vibrancy that these colors bring to your hair! You can keep the base of the hair here to add depth and dimension. Here is a look for reference!

Jewels to the hair

You can add jewelry to the hair and make it look stunning as this look here! You can see how the addition of necessary accessories can add oomph and flair to your hair.

Purple and black

You can see the lime crime unicorn hair on dark hair color here and try on the same if you are to change your look. The purple and black here are deep!

Rounded look

The rounded twisted hair on this look is sure to get you excited! You can see the colors and how they blend so well with the hair as you move down!

In between the colors

There are colors in between the colors in here! You can try out the shades that work the best for you, but here we have an idea that you can follow through as well.

Deep alluring shades

These shades are deep and alluring, and you can see how it works for pale skin tones as well. The waves on this look add volume, and the makeup helps out as well.

Not for everyone

This is one look that does not work for everyone! You can see this unique look, and if it is not your style, then you can admire it and move on!

The bob

The bob was the best hairstyles that made the rounds in 2018 and were sported by many celebs! You can try on the long layered bob like the one here if you are interested!

Sleek and straight

You can opt for an elegant hairstyle like this one if you get the straight hair! You are sure to love these once you get used to looking perfect every day.

Shiny hues on long hair

This look can be achieved with lime crime unicorn hair sext, and they are readily available for yourself! You can try on the shade for yourself and see how it works out.

Visit Your salon

If you are not confident about the coloring of the hair in your home, you can try visiting a salon. You can take professional help and get the shine and texture you want.

Show Your colors

You can show off the colors on your hair by braiding them loosely! You can try on the shades as these here. The sections here are fantastic, and you can get layers on them too.

Short hair

If you have short hair, you can try on this look here! You can see how it adds oomph to the short hair and makes it stand out. The is the combination of baby blues and pinks on here is adorable. You are sure to love this one!

The twist

The elemental twist in your hair can make your hair look stunning. You can add on the colors and then get them slightly styled as well. The pinning down part of this look is crucial since it helps to keep it in place!

Upside down bun

You can start braiding from the ends on the back and then take the hair upon a bun! You can secure them on the top with a hairtie to achieve a casual look.

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Many textures and colors

There are many colors and textures that you can try on in your long hair. There is no doubt to the fact that these shades are vibrant and lovely. The multiple colors on the hair here remind us of the rainbow, and the pastel pink is looking stunning too.

If you reached the end of this article, you must have found the hairdo that you desire by now! We made sure that there are varied options for everyone here so that you could find your match without any hassle! There are tones and added accessories here too. The best is the addition of shiny glitter particles on the hair to add to the fairytale effect! You need to make sure that the hair is not washed too often, though, as it may fade the colors!

If you have found the unicorn hair ideas from this article here, give us a thumbs up down below. You can also share it with more of your friends and help them out to find the hairstyle they desire. As you try them, you will love them even more. Make sure to share your experience with us in the comments section below. You can also give us your valued feedback and help us get better. Your opinions are in high regards here! If you have time, look through the website to find more on these articles.


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