102 Impressive Updos for Long Hair With Curls and Braids


There is good news this year too for those of you who like to try different updos for long hair! In 2020, multiple types of updos are included in trends and very long hair is popular again. The time of the simply curled hair is over for now; curls and waves may fall soft and informal this year because naturalness is a trend. As it follows, you will find inspiration for updos for long hair, including braided hairstyles and classic styles.

Hairstyles for long hair are varied and can be very different: whether you like braided hairstyles, hairstyles with ponytails or a complex twisted braid, you will find examples summarized in the gallery below. One thing is certain; long hair can be styled in many ways, thus obtaining new looks every day.

  1. Low bun with teased hair and bangs

updos for long hair

2. Accessorized bun ensures a fancy look

3. Three simple steps to make a high bun

4. The feeling of dimension and thick hair achieved with a styled bun

5. Low bun looks messy with loose bangs

6. Wedding updos for long hair with accessories

7. Relaxed bun embellished with a braided crown

8. Flowery bun with loose strands

9. Teased hair secured in a low bun and with a braid

10. Coiled bun for a special wedding day

Recommended Updos for Every Type of Hair

Every hairstyle, hair trend and updo can be obtained with a certain type of hair. Whether you have thick, thin, sleek or voluminous hair, it’s important because not all updos look the same regardless of hair type. For example, fine hair can be styled with plenty of volume with the right cut.

Accordingly, one should consider the appropriate hairstyle. A ponytail, for example, looks particularly nice with a thick hair structure. A Dutt, on the other hand, looks great even with thin hair.

Whether or not a ponytail fits your long hair will not only be determined by your hair structure, but also by your face shape. A wide forehead, for example, is optically shortened by a ponytail, while a thinner forehead looks wider if it remains free or is framed only by a few loose tendrils.

Of course, anyone can wear long hair, but some hair structures do you no maximum length. Fine hair will eventually fall into the typical spaghetti mode. So, if you want to make your hair grow even longer, you can do a lot with your diet. You can prevent your hair from prematurely falling or breaking off.

11. Elegant flowery bun with a touch of naturalness

12. The Chignon done by an expert

A super simple bun, that’s also noble is the Chignon. It is made quickly and requires no other utensils except a hair tie.

Chignon Instructions

Step 1: Tie a perfectly normal ponytail. This should be as deep as possible and combed smoothly.

Step 2: In the middle of the hair tie, make a small hole with your fingers by pulling the hair aside.

Step 3: Through this hole you should now pull the entire ponytail. The hole should therefore be large enough to get all the hair through. The hair tie should no longer be visible.

Step 4: Tighten the grip. This gives your hairstyle the needed stability.

Step 5: Your new ponytail should now sit tight and firm. If necessary, you can use a few bobby pins and hairspray.

Step 6: To get as much volume as possible, you can also tease the hair a little. In this regard, all you need is a normal comb to brush the hair against the normal combing direction.

Step 7: Now you fold over the entire volume of hair forward and push it from the top of the hairband.

13. Very relaxed high bun and facial fringes

14. Wedding look achieved with curls and a beehive bun

15. Wavy hair put up in a bun with an accent braid

16. The Ballerina Dutt on a redheaded woman

A classic example of every day, but at the same time noble updo is the ballerina-bun. In six easy steps and with little equipment, long hair quickly turns into a beautiful bun.

Ballerina-Dutt instructions

Step 1: Brush your hair thoroughly and tie a high ponytail.

Step 2: Pull a hair donut over the ponytail so that it completely surrounds it. For long hair, choose the largest possible donut.

Step 3: Now, it is important that you position the donut as centrally as possible on your head.

Step 4: Now put the hanging hair around the donut and turn it in. The donut should then be completely covered with hair and therefore no longer visible.

Step 5: Now pin the hair around the donut with hairpins so that nothing can come loose and the bun stays put.

Step 6: The bun is ready. You can fix it with hairspray now.

17. Low, messy bun with a crown of pearls

18. Highly elaborate fishtail updo with special accessories

19. Two rows of braids result in a romantic look

20. The side fishtail bun

Practical yet beautiful is the fishtail braid. This hairstyle is both classic, suited for work, as well as modern, which can be rocked with a pair of boots and a leather jacket.

Side fishtail bun instructions

Step 1: Part your hair depending on where you want the braid to begin. Brush well before that, so that no small hairs stick out.

Step 2: Start braiding in the fishtail style and repeat until you reach the tips. The smaller the strands, the finer the look.

Step 3: Fix the fishtail braid with a hair tie. You will need a fine rubber because you don’t want to give the braid unnecessary heaviness.

Step 4: With a stick you can pull apart the individual plaits a bit to give the braid a cooler style.

Step 5: Fix it with hair spray and the look is done!

The Dutt, Braids and Buns

A deep braid can look elegant with the right styling. The same goes for updos like the chignon or a low knot in the back of the head. However, those updos more suitable for everyday use are the Dutt, also known as the top knot, high braids or casual updos.

As it follows, you will find out how the fast top knot hairstyle works, with which trick you can spice up your ponytail in a cool way and which updos you can easily imitate.

Braided Hairstyles

Here you will find something for every look, whether you are on the road or looking for something festive, whether you have fine or thick hair. If you are more comfortable with medium-long hair, then you will be pleased to see hairstyle ideas in the photos below that include ideas for medium-long hair as well.

Of course, you can loosen and decorate an updo with braided elements, or you can simply braid all hair up. Particularly nice is a rather low bun at the back of the head, to which you can add thin braids.

Updos with a Hairband

A particularly popular hairstyle lately is made with a hairband. Just put the hairband on your head and wrap your hair around it. With very long hair, it is advisable to fix the back lengths with a small hair elastic and then put in the band at once. Then put the front strands. Or you start at the front and stuff the hair all around, depending on how it works better.

Messy Updos for Long Hair

Messy is exactly what’s important about this type of hairstyle. The obtained look is not at all perfect, but rather loose, as if put together by accident. Strands hang out of the hairstyle and the hair is rather messed up. But of course, the look is not quite as loose and easy as it looks. This is because especially with messy updos, you have to ensure on one hand, that the hairstyle also holds, and on the other hand, it should still seem relaxed and unstressed. The secret is to use as many invisible bobby pins as possible that hold the hairstyle together.

The Messy Bun is a hairstyle that any woman would like to wear because it looks incredibly cool, the falling strands frame the face and it makes the hair voluminous. But what looks like an out-of-bed look is often not that easy to achieve.

21. Voluminous rose high bun with loose strands 

22. Low bun with an accent braid and hair accessories

23. Braided back bun with rose accessories

24. Braids used to embellish a common hairstyle

25. A simple hair twist in the back

26. Curly high bun with white accessories

27. Twisted hair arranged in a low bun

28. Curly low bun with messy fringes

29. Half up, half down updos for long hair

30. Side view of a voluminous updo

2020’s Updos for Long Hair

The classic Dutt has been celebrating its comeback among the stars for some time now. It is welcome at awards and film premieres. It honors us in 2020 as well, especially when  combined with braids or when it is very strictly tied in the back. You need a lot of volume for a nice bun. Little helpers like the hair sponge make wonders with volume swindle.

Those who like the updos for long hair to look more natural will also find this year’s hairstyle trends interesting. Loosely falling strands, which are fixed on the top of the head, make the romantic look perfect and remind of the charm of Rapunzel or Cinderella.

But also the crepes may be used again in 2020. Combined with many small curls and stuck at the back of the head, this type of updo looks particularly girly. In addition, twisted variants are reminiscent of the updos of the forties and fifties.

If you think about updos for long hair, you just can not get past the ballerina knot. It looks classically noble and is for women with a beautiful profile to survive bad hair days well. All you have to do is smooth your hair with hairspray or water, tie a high ponytail and wrap it with a hair tie.

31. Hollywood celebrity and actress sporting a beehive bun

32. Different updos for long hair 

33. Accent fishtail braid used as a crown

34. Boho updo features two long fishtails

35. Hidden bun secured in the back of the head

36. Huge back bun made of really long hair

37. Elaborate updo made to be worn on a special day

38. Low bun styled with an accent braid

39. High bun with a back undercut

40. A bun made entirely out of braided hair

Prepare Your Hair for an Amazing Updo

  • Hair washing the day before: Ideally, you should wash your hair the day before with a shampoo suitable for your hair type.

Beauty Tip: For more shine and suppleness, add a conditioner or leave-on conditioner to the hair.

  • Hair blown voluminously: The hair should be as dry as possible before styling.

Beauty Tip: For more volume, blow-dry your hair at medium-warm levels.

  • Using the right hairbrush: To unravel the hair, a wide paddle brush is a right choice. When blow-drying, it is best to use a skeleton or round brush. Thus, the air can circulate through the openings of the brush and provide extra volume.
  • For all updos, the use of volume mousse is worthwhile: It covers the surface of the hair with a network of polymers. Activated by the hair dryer’s heat, it gives the hair even more texture.
  • For braided updos styling cream is recommended: It provides more grip in the hair, so it is easier to braid.

41. Twisted hair secured in two low buns

42. Elegant bun sported by Angelina Jolie

43. Chignon bun done with long, blonde hair

44. Bangs that frame the face and a multi-level bun

45. Inverted French braid caught in a ponytail

The inverted French braid is a beautiful hairstyle for classic outfits and traditional costumes. It is especially practical because all the hair is away from the face. In addition, it is also a well suited sports hairstyle. Even “The Hills” star Lauren Conrad is a big fan of this braid and shows us in a few simple steps how to reach the finish beautifully and easily.

46. Hair rolled inwards and decorated with crystals

47. Flower bun stepped up with thin braids

48. Messy low bun with a side braid

49. Voluminous bun decorated with golden leafs

50. Side Dutch braids rolled in the back

51. Messy high bun with frontal fringes

52. Faux Mohawk done with long, blonde hair

53. Wedding updo made for long hair

54. An updo like a work of art

55. Twisted hair secured in the back

56. Elaborate braided and styled long hair

57. Fake Mohawk done with curled hair

58. Side Dutch braid ends in a neat bun

59. Rolled bun with the help of a headband

60. A seemingly careless low bun

Celebritie’s Updos for Long Hair

Jennifer Lawrence: The updo worn by Jennifer Lawrence at the premiere of Mockingjay 2 was an elegant one. Although her haircut was a bob, the hair on both sides of her head was braided and then put together. The braided elements added a touch of romance and playfulness to her look.

Julianne Moore: The actress has beautiful red hair that she usually wears loose. But a deep chignon makes her wild hair look noble and elegant.

Selena Gomez: In the video for “The Heart Wants What It Wants”, Selena Gomez wears an updo for long hair. You can find inspiration in her style if nothing else pleases you.

61. The curly low bun embellished with a side braid

62. Half up wavy hair arranged like a waterfall

63. Dutch braid styled like a Mohawk

64. Romantic updos for long hair are fashionable too

65. Careless and easy half bun for long hair

66. Two rows of braids fade in a curled bun

67. High volume for a curly bun style

68. Detail view of a less tight Dutch braid and bun

69. Shiny hair rolled up in a bun

70. Side ponytail with a simple twist

71. Low bun covered by a veil

72. Dutch braid accessorizes a low bun

73. Twist and tuck your hair to achieve this look

74. Romantic and boho style bun

75. Neat bun done with shiny brown hair and flower accessories

76. Effortless look isn’t easy to achieve

77. Easy half updo with a thin accent braid

78. Flowery bun and straightened bangs

79. Side braid with big, loose curls

80. Proper hair braiding is the secret

81. Fishtail headband goes around the bun

82. Curled hair twisted in a bun

83. Two rows of braided hair and curls

84. Step by step low bun

85. Curly hair used to make a beehive bun

86. Tight braiding isn’t always the answer

87. Top knot view from the back

88. Flower bun seen from every angle

89. Red hair braided in a bun

90. Long hair braided and styled in the back

91. Wedding look done with really long hair

92. Curled blonde hair put half up

93. Beautiful and easy updos for long hair

94. Thick Dutch braid done on a side

95. There is order in a chaotic hairstyle

96. Dark purple hair highlighted with an updo

97. Detailed view of a curly low bun

98. Relaxed updo with loose hair strands

99. Updos for long hair – the Twisted Crown

The so-called “Twisted Crown” is a cool look for half-open, long hair. Especially beautiful is the “crown” with slightly curly hair.

Twisted Crown Instructions

Step 1: Twist chunks of hair from both sides.

Step 2: Secure each strand after twisting it with a hair band.

Step 3: When both twists are finished and fixed, take one of them and push it all the way through a loop made in the other braid.

Step 4: If you now loosen the hair ties from the twists, the hair will flow down nicely and emphasize the curls.

100. Chignon bun carefully styled in a flawless way

101. Thick Dutch braids meet in a bun

102. The chignon bun done with textured hair

Updos for long hair in their many variants and shapes are always a guarantee for glamorous performances. Weddings, proms, special events, big family gatherings or even a long planned candlelight dinner – there are many occasions that demand an impressive hairstyle. The creativity of the hairdresser has no limits when it comes to the creation of special updos for long hair.


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