102 Stunning Updos for Short Hair to Try


When you have short hair, you are in a hurry to decide on your hairstyle for any special occasion! But fear not, there are some elegant updos for short hair that you can try on and look fantastic! No matter how short your locks are, there is always a way to find a way to look polished. Updos can be worn to a party, an event or a wedding as well. The versatility in terms of choices is amazing!

You will be blown away by how easy some of these updos are to do! They will take a bit of your time, but the results will please you for sure! Choose an updo that not only takes care of your short hair but also makes you feel beautiful. Here we have more than a hundred options for you to navigate through to find the match for you!

Check out these elegant updos for short hair!

Textured Hair

No matter how short your hair is, you can add some curls and waves into them to add life to your hair. They give off a great deal of volume, and the hair looks more put together as well. You can see how the textures here help in the final look.

Add a crown!

The best way to make any updo for short hair shine through is by adding a piece of beautiful jewelry to it! There are many options for choosing these add ons to your hair, and they add so much elegance to the whole attire!

updos for short hair

Wedding day updos

The wedding day is one of the most important days in a woman’s life. There is no denying that you want to look you best in the day you walk down the aisle to marry the man of your dreams!


If you need options for short hair, here are some stunning updos for you to choose from. You can choose from these looks here, and we are sure you will find one for you!


Hair accessories

If you want that extra bit of dazzle to your hairdo, you need to add on some hair accessories on for sure. You can add rhinestones infused hairpins or even some flower designs on your updos for short hair!

If you are not sure about how they will look, make sure you try one on before you buy it! Here are a few hairpin ideas to inspire you!

Simple knotted updo

If you are running late and need to get into a comfortable and easy to handle hairstyle, this is the one to go for! There are small knots in here that have been tucked well, and we love how easy it is to do!

Volume on top

If you are someone who has thin hair, you want to add some volume to your hair. The perfect hairstyle for thin hairstyles needs a lot of volumes added to it. If you are looking for such an updo for short hair, here is one that ticks all the boxes!

Simple twist

A minor twist and tuck can make a world of difference in your hairstyle. You might have seen a lot of fabulous, intricate updos for short hair but this one is not so. It has a simple vibe to it and will only take you a couple of minutes to get done!

Sheer elegance

Updos are elegant on their own. When you try an updo, it makes you look chic and classy for sure. Here is a look you can wear to any event and it is marvelous! All you need to do is twist some section and pin them down!

Waves and tucks

Wavy hair has its charm for sure. You can see why so many women opt for this look. They are classy and are easy to do as well. You can try this on for any formal occasion that you need to attend.

Messy braided bun

A bit of imperfection can make things look better! Many are not a fan of the well put together sort of a look. If you are into messy and ruffled hairstyles, you can try these updos for short hair. You can try this braided up top bun the next time!

Thicker braids

Here we have a treat for the eyes for sure. You can see the tucked braids on the side, and they are carefully placed on the back. The bun on the back acts as a base for the braided crown style here too.

Twist and pin

A simple hairdo for the days when you need to look great is this one for sure. You can take sections of your hair and twist them before you pin them down for a secured option of updos for short hair. Leave some strands loose for added effect!

Waterfall Braids

The waterfall braids are beautiful, and they are easy to do on yourself as well. There is not a lot of steps that you need to follow to get this one done. All you need is a couple of days of practice before you get the hang of it.

Hold the hairspray

The hairspray becomes the lifesaver for when you try on updos for short hair. They make sure that your small hair stays on a place and are tamed down. If you are especially annoyed by flyaway hair, you need to put them in place with a powerful spray.

Rounded braided look

Braids like these are trendy. You must have seen these braids being sported by young girls on many occasions. The best thing about this rounded updo is that it can be messy as well.

Space buns

Space buns are the new fun hairstyle that has caught everyone’s attention. These buns are easy to do for sure and have a funky or youthful outlook to them. You can add elements to your hair to make them shine through!

Emma  Watson

Emma Watson has sported short hair multiple times now, and we love her in these hairdos. You can see how polished and pretty she looks with these voluminous pinned down look. The back is truly the show stealer here!

Updos for short hair and thin strands

Updos are there for everyone to try on. No matter how short or sparse your hair is, you can wear this updo and look stunning. Try on some of these beautiful hairstyles and make sure you thank us for the idea! Here are a few options for you to try on!

Up tuck

Tuck your hair on and pin it down to get this updo here. It has the layers of dark and light hues here that you need to add that dimension to your locks!

Curly Hair

There is nothing new about curly hair for sure, but they are always popular! No matter how many times you try on these textured hair, you are sure to look great! You can create some waves on and create a pattern before you pin them down!

Katharine McPhee’s updo

This romantic updos for short hair inspiration have come from Katharine McPhee, and we adore this one. You can see how short her hair is and the layers are falling on top of each other to create this look!


There are many updos for short hair that you can recreate with the help of hairpins. This hairstyle has pins on them that increase in size as you reach the base! You can add many colors and then make a hairstyle that is all yours!

Triple braided bun

Braids are an excellent addition to any hairstyle. They make the hair appear a lot more polished and feminine touch to the look. Here we have not one but three braids, and they all tie up to a beautiful updo for a well-settled look. You can see how great they look as you style them.

Pinned back

You will need to secure your hair down well before you can get out of your house! There are many types of pins that you can add to ensure your hair in place. They come in real handy when making updos for short hair.


You can see the detailed braids and the bun at the back. There are hair strands to conceal the bun too. The added volume on top makes everything look well put together here.

Cascading curls

This look is surely going to make you the center of attention among everyone in the room. If you have short hair, all you need to do is get an extension to achieve a look like this. It is hassle-free and looks fantastic as well!

Dark and light shades

There are dark brown shades on the base here, and the ends have the sunshine brown to blonde hues. This is a well-done ombre hair, and it looks great when you put them into an updo as well.

Side sectioned braids

This look has been worn by so many celebs and famous personalities over the past year. You can see the clean sections on the side here, and the braided hair makes the perfect look here as well. Try this one for a bold look!

Thin side braided bun

When you have short hair, a side braid will come in real handy! There are many options of such braids that you can use to make your hair appear flawless! This one can be worn to any formal or festive occasion too!

Tiny tie for a fine hair

The first part of many updos for short hair starts with getting your hair in a short tied up hair. If there are layers in your hair, all you need to do is tie them up at the back and secure it. You can add other elements here to make them look more stylish!

Very short hair

There are ladies with very short hair. If you fall under the same category, then you need to be trying out these updos for short hair on yourself! Here we have some brilliant updos that work for all occasions and are stylish as well.

Uptop bun

A bun up top is a savior for those lazy days you have. They are simple and easy to do. They can be messy and ruffled up as well. They are the ones to go for when you are feeling too tired to do anything!

Carey Mulligan’s tousled hair

This is one of those perfect updos for short hair that looks good on everyone. You can try this one on when you want to look and feel special. This is just a great variation to the crown braided hairstyle. This one suits Carey very well too!

Single braid updos

A single braid here makes all the difference, and it makes us want to try on this braided updo right now.

Bobby pins!

You will need to use a lot of bobby pins to make sure that your hair stays in place. These bobby pins are of different types and textures, and you can try on the one that grips your hair the best. Make sure you tuck them in well.

Vibrant Crown Braids

Crown braids are a crowd pleaser for sure. Many hairstyles suit all face shapes, and this happens to be one of them. You can surely wear this one for any special occasion.

Thicker locks

If you have thick hair, then you can be sure that your updo will have a fuller appearance. You need the right kind of tugging on the right places to make sure that they appear even fuller!

Flower details

Here we have some flower pins added on to the hair to make it look feminine and flirty! Try this one for a beach event!

Basic twisted updo

Anyone can do these basic twists. You need only to take sections of your hair and then twist them. Secure them collectively at the back, and you are good to go!

Loose hair strands

Leave some strands of hair loose and opt for a relaxed and effortless looking updo. This is a carefree one to try one!

Breathtaking updos

Here are a few breathtakingly beautiful updos for short hair that are perfect for a wedding day or any such special occasion. Just the addition of the simple hair ornament makes them look great.

Golden blonde

The hues that you try on are going to add a lot of dimension and depth to your hair. Make sure you decide on a color that matches your skin tone.

Keira Knightly’s messy look

Keira looks gorgeous no matter what hairstyle she tries on. You need to try one of her messy updos to look as great as she does here!

Easy Updos For Short Hair Step By Step

There are some updos for short hair that you can do yourself. Here are a few ideas for you to try on at the comfort of your home. These will barely take any time, and the pictures have the information you need to try them on.

Tiny Bun on top!

A basic bun on top can also make you look good. Here is an effortlessly sleek knotted bun on the top that is secured well as well. The hair colors here are also making a lot of difference to the whole look.

Lacy headgear

Add a headgear to your updo and make sure that they stay where you put them. You can secure them in with some pins. This can surely make you look great and add a touch of elegance to your hairdo.

Cameron Diaz’s short bun

Cameron Diaz has thin hair and usually has short hair on her. You can see how the bangs here are framing her face. The volume on top helps her get a fuller looking hair as well.

Easy Updos For Dark Black hair

Dark Black hair can look beautiful in any hairstyle. Here are some updos for short hair that works best for such deep shades. These hairdos are also perfect for youngsters.

Middle braids

The braids in the middle here are making a well-balanced look. You can get this look back home, and it looks majestic. The loose strands on the sides add that touch of femininity as well.

Crown braided updo

The crown braids on top are a gorgeous updo to try on. Here is a knotted braid and they are looking great. You need to try this once and then we are sure you will fall in love with it!

Minimal styling

If you like simple braided hairstyles, opt for this one right here. The puffed up hair on top has the right balance with the hair. There are slight waves here and there to round up the look.

Taylor’s perfect hair

Taylor has always had some great hairstyles on during her red carpet appearances. You can see her full frontal bangs here, and the look is very well rounded!

GiGi’s pulled back hair

Gigi Hadid has sported this pulled back sleek hair look, and it suits her very well. The hair length here is short, and the cuts are blunt. Opt for this one for a trendy look.


The long bangs on the front here are framing the face well. This will add a lot of texture to your hair and also have a slimming effect on your face!


This is an easy option of updos for short hair. You are sure to look your best in this rolled up hairstyle.


You can see how an updo transforms your hair completely here. The simple plain bob manages to look great as soon as you put it in a messy updo!

Side Braids

Side braids start from the front and add a nice touch of elegance to your hair. These are easy to do and perfect for a soft, romantic look.

Double braided updo

If you love braids, you are going to love this one. There are multiple braids here, and the bun at the back is where these braids are secured. You can keep your bangs on the sides to frame your face.

Held up!

Hold up your hair in a textured fashion to achieve this look. You can add these waves to your hair and secure them for this look.

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Casual Cute updos for short hair

Here are some options for a casual day out with your friends that you need to try on to love!

Get creative

You can get creative with updos for short hair and come up with your hairstyles. There is no boundary when it comes to getting a haircut to look as you like it!

The blonde braids

Blonde is a color loved by many women. There are women each year that try on this hue, and it looks fantastic. The colors accentuate the side braids here for sure.

Fishtail Braids

An easy yet intricate braiding style such as a fishtail braid can make your hair look stunning. This can make for a base of a good updo, and it will take you a few minutes to get it perfect!

Secured look

This updo has a secured look and is tied up well. This look has the hair out of the face and will keep you free of hassles all day long!

Mysterious updo

When someone looks at this updo, they are surely going to be baffled. They will be asking you how you got this look all day long!

Ruffled hair with ribbons

Adding a ribbon on the hair will create a good look for youngsters. These ruffled up hairstyles are perfect for any event that they need to attend.

Multiple side braids

Side braids are looking great in this ash blonde hair right here. The darker roots add the perfect depth to this look.


Lilac hair has been making a lot of people their fan! These hair colors can make you look younger. They look great in all hairstyles as well.

Formal events


We are sure you have found the hairdo for you as you reach the end of this article right here. There were options for everyone, and we sure hope you try on these looks for any special occasion you need to attend. They will make you stand out in the crowd for sure!

This is a wrap for the collection of updos for short hair. If this article helped you, make sure you give it a like and share it with your friends and family! Stay with us for more on stylish hairdos and other exciting topics!


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