98 Awesome Vintage Hairstyles You Can Try On For a Charming Appeal!


There are vintage hairstyles for you in this article that are sure to entice you! With many celebs and stylists trying on these hairstyles time and again, it is hard to ignore for long. There is a touch of glamour and elegance in these hairdos, and they make everyone look feminine and polished. When you are to make an appearance in a formal event, we suggest you try one of these majestic hairdos. You are sure to be the center of attention with these hairdos once you try them on! Get ready to get used to the admiring stares on yourself!

Here we have the best of these vintage hairstyles. You can navigate through the collection here to find the one that gets your heart racing with excitement! We made sure to include as many colors and textures that we possibly could, to give you options and some variations. You will find elegant buns and updos in this article here that were popular back in the day. You can feel the nostalgia creeping in with these images here for sure. Without further ado, let’s go through these stunning hairstyles that you can try on for any special occasion!

Side bun with waves

There are all things good in this hairdo. Her wavy hair has complimented the makeup. You can wear this one to give off romantic vibes with your attire!

The Side Tuck

The sections on the sides here have been pinned down at the back.  The angles in here are precise as well. They were surely an astounding look back in the day.

Voluminous Waves

There are many full waves in this look. They make the thin hair look thicker, and it creates a hairdo that anyone can sport. The waves on the bangs are stylish.

Victory Rolls on Yourself

These are victory rolls vintage hairstyles that you can do on yourself. The red hair in here adds to the vintage vibes! Through the image, you can find out how to get it done.

Side Swept Waves

A natural hairstyle to sport, you are sure to love this one! The side swept long hair has waves on them, and the hair color is adding shine to the look too.

Perfect Curves

There are beautiful waves on the front here. They are done at an angle, and this part is the tricky one here! You need to use a lot of hair gel and hair spray to get the hair to hold on this shape.

Waves and pearls pins

This is undoubtedly a look for any special occasions. You can see the use of pearls here, and they are not only used as a necklace but also as an accessory to the hair. The whole attire is exquisite and approachable.

Trendy to this day

These hairstyles are popular to this day. Celebs like Katy Perry and Reese Witherspoon have sported this look, and they manage to carry it off with much ease and elegance. Follow them and give this look a try!

Inward Curls on hair

One way to rock the vintage hairdo is by getting inward curls on the hair. They are easy to do and will only take a minute to get done once you regularly try it! They add the perfect elegance to this look.

Glamorous Look

You can attain an exciting do with the simplest of hairstyles. You can see the waves on this look are not too perfect! You can add some texture without making it look too definite and achieve this beautiful and stylish look.

Braids and Buns

This bun and braided look is not new! You can sport such looks a lot of times on Instagram, and if you want the same look, you can get it done today! The addition of flowers has made this a perfect look for weddings.

The High Ponytail

The high ponytail is a classic look! You can see how the sides here even cover the hair tie and make it look elegant and polished! The curls on the sides are beautiful and add the touch of elegance to it.

Iconic Looks

Here are some iconic looks that are sure to revive your memory. These are sure to cut if you are looking to copy the looks of the olden times! Make sure you share it with us if you try it on!

Taylor Swift’s Take

Taylor Swift has always tried on vintage looks! Her hair has always been on point and has also inspired many young fans to try these looks out! You can try the same and get the glam on the next time you head out!

Finger Waves on short hair

Here are some vintage hairstyles for short hair that capture your attention from the first glance! You can get this look recreated if you are heading out for a themed party today! The sleek waves are hard to get but will make you look effortlessly beautiful!

Platinum Blonde hues

Adding platinum blonde colors on the hair can add that vintage glam to the look! The ruffled thin hair has the waves on them that make it appear bigger! Get the makeup to complement the look and head out looking ravishing.

Everybody’s Favorite

These are surely everybody’s favorite looks! You can try them on and feel the vintage vibes. Make sure you try on the looks here once for a themed party or some glam events that ask for a vintage look.

Side View

When you try on any hairstyle, you need to make sure it looks good from all angles! You need to make sure that the side view is excellent too! Here is a wavy side-parted hairdo that has a perfect side profile.

Wedding Day Hairstyle

If you are looking for vintage hairstyles wedding hairdos, then you can try on these excellent looks here! You can add rhinestones infused hairpins and make them look even more festive! These can surely be the one for your big day.

Elegant Vintage hair

There is a classic vibe to these vintage hairdos. You can try this look on and then know yourself why this is a popular hairstyle. The inward and outward curls are elegant and have a smooth shine to it.

Rolls with headbands

Adding headbands to the hair adds a girly, feminine vibe to the hair! You can try on colorful headbands or even opt for subtle ones like the one on the front here.

Blonde Hues with rolls

You can get these shiny platinum blonde hues on your hair and get the rolls on the same to achieve this look. They have been recreated time and again by many.

Sleek on top with curls

The hair on the head has been placed sleekly on the base. The deep partition has the coils on the sides that add texture to this hairstyle. This is an alluring look for sure.

Natural Texture

You can see the natural texture of the hair here. The beautiful layered hair has the puffed up, volume to it that can be sported to all events both casually and formally.

Polished Look

There is a polished vibe to these images here! You can see the low bun on the back, and the curls pinned down on top. They have an everyday comfortable vibe to it.

Tutorials for help

There are a lot of tutorials that you can find online to get vintage hairdos done on yourself! There are countless ways to get them done as well.

Use the hairspray

When you try on such vintage hairstyles, you need to use a lot of hairsprays! You can only hold your hair down for some while if you try this look on.

Pinned down curls

Here we have two looks that you can try on with simple curls to them! These pinned down curls add the needed grace to the hair and make it event ready.

Back in Time

When you look at the black and white pictures like these here, you go back in time! You can admire the beauty here and also fall in love with the timelessness of these hairdos.

Majestic Hairdo

You need to carry your hairstyle with confidence and oomph, and this is the instance you can take inspiration from. You are sure to love this short hair with spikes.

Perfection from all angles

You can look at this hairstyle from any perspective, and it still manages to make an impact! The bun and the curls are all well done in this look.


You need to accessorize your vintage hairstyles to make them pop! Here are some of the looks from our collection here that you are sure to love! They add the youthful vibrancy everyone loves.

Deep, dark Tones

There are deep tones on this hairdo here! You can see how the depth of the hairstyle is reflected from this image in here. The deep tones have an energetic vibe.

Flower on Side

Many hairstyles have an added flower on the sides to add that feminine touch to it! You can check out some of these looks for yourself right here.

Take some help

These hairstyles are not easy to do on yourself. You will need some time and effort for sure! So you can take the help of an expert hairstylist to get this look.

Long Hair with waves

If you have long hair, you can choose a lot of hairdos to get done on yourself! You can check out some of our collection of the long hair vintage hairstyles here.

Vintage updo

Here we have some updo vintage hairstyles that have an edge to them! The curls are pinned down, and the waves are adding the mystery to this look. The pin on the side is a bold addition too.

Tones of red

Adding hair color can add depth and edge to the hair! You can see the hues of red in this black to brown shades on the base. The low bun on the back is graceful too.

The 1950’s Look

This is the classic 1950’s look for sure! These vintage hairstyles list would be incomplete without the mention of these rolls! Make sure you give these a try if you are curious.

All in the eyes

The hairstyle is not all about the way you pin up your hair! Many elements make the look pop. The eyes here make the most impact in this look.

Side Pin

Adding a detailed hairpin on the side can transform your look. They combine the touch of elegance and femininity that we desire from our hairstyles as always.

Coppery red hues

If you are ready to try on a bold look, then this coppery shade in here is ideal! You can see how the colors have transformed the basic look.

Short waves

These bob cut vintage hairstyles are adorable and have that innocent streak to it! You can wear your short hair on soft waves. The rose gold blonde tones are admirable.

Volume on top

You can try on this big, voluminous curls if you have long hair. They can reduce the length of your hair for sure, but they are stunning as well.

The basic Braids

This one here is more on the ruffled side of hairdos; you can see the braids on the sides and the central part. This look has a fresh raw appeal.

Keeping It Simple

If you are willing to keep things to a bare minimum, you can try this look here. The deep side part is subtle, and the waves are gentle and soft too.

Short hair

If you have short hair, this is the one to try on! You can see the curls here on the top, and the upward tied hair has the perfect elegant vibe to it!

Pinned on top

You can add slight waves to the hair and then get the hair pinned on the top! You can see that it requires only an essential hairpin and it creates a beautiful look.

Puffed up top

These bouffant vintage hairstyles were not only trendy back in the day, but they have impacted favorite Bollywood celebs too! Here we have Deepika Padukone and Aishwarya Rai trying on the same hairdo below!

Side pulled section

You can see there is not much to these vintage hairstyles. They have simple elements to them. Here we have bangs, and the side swept piece of hair with the perfect makeup look.

Adele’s Hair

Adele is a fabulous singer, and you are sure to have seen her magnificent hairstyles. Her bouffant with the hair left freely is simple. The waves on them are chic too.

Low Ponytail

One of the first hairstyles we learn to create is the ponytail for sure. You can try on this low pony and wrap a piece of hair on the rubber band to conceal it!

Headband with beehive

If you are looking to recreate the beehive with the best youthful vibrancy to it, then you can add a headband on! They uplift the look and add a fun element to it.

Finger waves

Finger waves were famous, and many women loved them! They are easy to create and have an alluring look to them as well. You can get this done back home as well.

Choose Your pick

You can choose your pick in these hairstyles here. You can keep these vintage hairstyles to be sleek and straight or opt for a wavy look. Both have their perks!

Salon Styled hair

There is a big difference between the hairstyle you create back at home and the one you get done in a salon. This one here, for instance, is perfection to the core.

Beehive hairdo

All back loved beehives in the day. You can try on creating this beehive for yourself if you are looking for voluminous, vintage hairstyles that will look good on you.

Black and white picture

These black and white pictures are always reminding us of the days gone by and have that vintage touch to them! If you are into such looks, this one will entice you.

Iconic Retro look

Here are some vintage hairstyles with bangs that have been worn by Penelope Cruz! Her style is impeccable, and we love the way the bangs fall on her forehead.

Diana Argon’s Look

Diana Argon always looks graceful no matter what look she chooses to wear. This is her take on the vintage hairstyles, and we sure love the way it looks!

For the runway

You can see this look on the runways still to this date. Stylists take inspiration from the vintage hairdos and recreate them on various occasions but specifically for fashion shows to make an impact.

Mature Look

You can always try on these vintage hairstyles, no matter what age you are. The side here has a high volume to it, and we love the shine on this grey hue.

Perfect for events

If you are into vintage hairstyles that have simple elements to them, this is the one to choose. The pinned down hair keeps you hassle-free all day and is perfect for events.

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The retro look

This side swept pinned down look has a retro vibe to it. If you try this one on, you are sure to stand out from the crowd.

Marylyn Monroe’s Look

Marylyn Monroe will always be a fashion icon, and her looks are being copied to this day. Wear this for a themed party or when you feel like it too.

Red Hair

If you are a natural redhead, you will love this look for sure! It can be hard to get such a natural look by use of artificial colors though.

Add some jewelry

You can add some jewelry to the look and achieve these fabulous attire. Only doing your hair will never be enough for sure once you get in the habit of accessorizing.

The Bun

A low bun is always classic. You can wear this look for a special night out, and you can try them on in your natural hair by using a lot of hairsprays!

Relevant Look

There are many vintage hairstyles here, and they may not be wearable now. But this one here is undoubtedly relevant to this day, and you can sport it as your daily style too.

Salon Blowout

These hairstyles surely need no introduction. They were famous then, and they are still trendy to this day. You can get the same effect from a salon blowout if you are interested.

The whole attire

You can not only try on these vintage hairstyles, but you can get on the full attire to match your hairdo! There are many ideas you can take reference from as well.

The Viel

There is a certain elegance that a veil adds to this look! You can see the depth and femininity on this side swept low bun. The waves are adding volume here too, and so we adore this hairdo.

Bangs and hues

These classic vintage hairstyles are beautiful, and we have the bangs with the auburn red on them that makes this look stunning! You are sure to love the flower here! They are sure to make it to your list!

We sure are happy to have made this compilation for you here! You can find the look you want. There are the classic vintage hairdos and their modern variations here too. You can try on any look from this collection here that makes you happy!

If you find this look to be helpful in the quest to find the best vintage hairstyles for you, then make sure you give us a thumbs up in this article! You can share it with others as well who would be benefitted by it!

Make sure you add comments down below to share your experience with us if you try these hairstyles out! We will be back with more of such exciting hair ideas for you! So follow us and stay tuned for fashion-forward trends on hairstyles. Till next time, stay stylish!


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