126 Graceful and Elegant Waterfall Braid To Try for All Ages


Waterfall braids are one of the most comfortable and most elegant looks that you can try on. You are sure to need some time to get used to these braids, but once you learn, you are sure to wear them every day. There are braids here that work for all hair lengths and textures, and you can try on any of these! Make sure you get colors on your hair to add needed depth and dimension to your locks. There is a touch of glam and elegance in all these hairdos. You can wear them to any formal or casual events.

There are many types of braids, and you can incorporate any twists you like to get the waterfall effect. If you are not familiar with braiding, then you can check out the tutorials online and learn how to get them done yourself! You are sure to love them once you learn how to do them. Here are 126 beautiful waterfall braid hairstyles that you can check out and choose for yourself !Share your experience with us once you wear these looks.

Braids on braids

There are many braids in here, and you can see the three strands braid on the waterfall here! You can see this is an elegant look and it has that beautiful balance.

waterfall braidFor all hair textures

You can try on braids on all hairstyles done! The curly hair here is naturally beautiful, and you can wear it in any style of waterfall braids as you like.

For bob haircuts

The thin hair here is perfect if you are trying to get the effects of the braided hair! You can see the sections clearly, and the edges here are smoothed out as well.

Flower to the side

There is a lot you can do with these braids, and surely you can create designs in here too! The flower pattern here is sure to inspire you to try on new things.

Perfect for Prom

The waterfall braid prom hairstyles are pretty, and you are sure to enjoy your night as you wear these stunning hairdos! The braids on the back are beautiful, and we love it.

Diagonal braids

As you start to braid your hair, you can follow a diagonal pattern and then attain this look here! You are sure to need some time as you do this entirely.

Multi-colored braids

Using colors to enhance the hair is nothing new. You can get fun and bold shades like the light blue here on the base with brown and blonde on top like the one in this image.

Blonde shades on top

There are blonde shades on the top of these brown hair here, and you are going to love it! The long hair here is beautiful and is perfect for choosing a full color.

Braided and pinned

You can opt for a natural hairstyle and braid the sections on the side. Pin it down on the back, and then you are done. Add some colors for a stunning look.

Fiery shades

There are fiery, fun shades in here, and the red and coppery undertones are beautiful. This is a look that you can try on as casual, everyday wear for yourself.

Waves on the base

There are waves on the back of this hairstyle, and we are sure it will be an easy hairdo for you to try. These waves are sure to be the best part!

Thin hair options

If you have thin hair, then this is the perfect look for you. The curls and textures on this look are stunning, and they make the hair look healthier and thicker as well.

Chain braids

These braids here resemble the chains, and they are special and unique in every way. The waves on the ends are impeccable. Add some color and make this look pop.

Blonde and dark hues

You can use blonde shades and then add on dark base on the top to create a beautiful hairdo with nice colors. These hues are bright, and it all looks well out together.

Healthy, shiny hair

There is a healthy hair shine to these looks here! You can see that the colors shine off well, and you may need to take care of your hair to get the effect.

Mixed textures

There are mixed textures on this look here. The ends are straight, and the rest has a natural beachy wave on them. The dark hair blends well with these light blonde hues.

Tiny braids at the back

There are small braids on the back here, and they look elegant. Take inspiration from the hairdo here and get it done for a beautiful look. Make sure the style is comfortable as well.

S-shape Inverted

The s-shaped braids here are stunning, and it surely needs to take some time to get this done correctly! Here are some ideas that you are sure to love. Make sure you try these out!

Add depth to the hair

You can add some depth to your hair as you add darker shades on the base! The locks here are beautiful, and the whole attire is perfect for any season!

Looped and hanging braids

You can add on these loops on your braids and make them pop! You can try on these light blonde shades to get the healthy hair effect as well.

The white ribbon

You can add the white fabric on the side and get this look on your kids! They can get this look done on your kids for their special occasion, and you are sure to make them happy.

Fishtail Braids

There are a variety of braids that you can try on, and these fishtail braids are sure to be lovely. The rubber band here has been concealed by the side hair too.

Game of thrones styles

This is a still image from the game of Thrones series, and you are sure to know this braided look. The side hair is falling free, and they look romantic and soft.

Add some jewelry

There is a big difference in the hairstyle when you add on some jewelry to it! The images here are sure to entice you to try them on! Make sure you use the accessory that you love to add that flair.

Braids and ponytails

Braids and ponytails are the basic looks for anyone to try on! They can be your back to school look, and the ease and comfort it has are enticing too.

The top Bun

This is a look that you can wear to a special event. A high bun is perfect for every occasion, and it has the braids on top, which looks beautiful.

Thick Hair

If you have thick hair, you are undoubtedly lucky! You can add the extensions of the same hair color to make thin hair appear bulky too.

The train track braids

These braids are looking like train tracks here, especially with the double twists and the space in between them. You can create buns on the back or let them be free.

Take the needed help

You can take the help of someone else if you are not able to do it on yourself. You can get a more precise look when you add the tight braids on.

Short hair braids

If you have short hair, you can add the twists on them. They are beautiful, and here are some ideas to inspire you.

The straight through braid

There is a long braid on the middle here, and you can see the rest has been left out freely! These color combinations are great as well.

Dark shades braids

If you are interested in dark twists, you can add the deep hues on them! You can take an idea from this look here and get it done on yourself.

Sleek straight hair

Here are some ideas of straight, silky hair, and it looks stunning. You can use a heating iron to get the same look for yourself when you get these braids done.

Graceful and casual

These looks here are perfect for casual, everyday wear and you are going to look you best effortlessly with these braids. They are relaxed and natural looking hairdos here.

Wavy or straight

You can add on waves or leave your hair straight to follow a sleek pattern. Here are some ideas for you to choose from, and they are all elegant and beautiful.

Wedding day look

These waterfall braid wedding looks are graceful and elegant, and we love how there are waves in them as well! You can choose any of these looks for your big day.

Effortless and comfortable

This braid here has loose sections, and it is effortless and convenient. You can see the braids are simple here and they can be done by yourself at home.

An updo

This side swept waterfall braid updo has a chic appearance and an effortless, feminine vibe to it! You are sure to love the side bun on this look.

Coppery brown tones

Brown tones have an earthy feel to them, and they can be worn to flatter any skin tone as well. Here is a perfect example with braided back and the colors of coppery tone!

 Different look

There are different approaches to a waterfall braid hairstyles. You can see them be simple and easy as ever. You can try adding the waves to the look and make them look as graceful and beautiful as the one in here. You are sure to love them once you start experimenting.

Nina Dobrev’s Look

Nina Dobrev is a beautiful actress, and she grew to fame with the Vampire Diaries franchise. You are sure to have seen some of her work. Here hairstyles and looks also have gained a lot of popularity among her young fans. Her hairdo here is beautiful, and you can try on this look too.

Purple lilac tones

There are tones of light purple and lilac shades in here, and we are all for it. These hairstyles get a unique look with these shades. They can be mixed up with the pink tones on the bottom image as well. Here are a few ideas that can inspire you.

Perfect for toddlers

These waterfall braid hairdos are perfect for toddlers. You can see these being worn by kids, but they can be worn by older women as well. They can be casual and even graceful and detailed as you want them to be. These are some ideas that you can try out for your babies.

Practise makes perfect

These braided hairdos can be a little daunting to work with! They can have intricate designs and details on them, and we are sure you will get the hang of it once you wear them and practice. As you get more used to these hairdos, you will sport them all the time!

Add a flower

Adding flowers to your hair can make the hair look stunning. These flowers add the feminine touch to each braided hairdos, and they are perfect for occasions like weddings and beach parties. You can match the colors of the flower can pair the dress you are wearing for a well-rounded look.

Get more of the illusion

You can add to the illusion you get when you try on waterfall braids by getting the loose falling sections braided too. These are some ideas that you can take inspiration from! Make sure you have the time and patience to do these hairdos with perfection.

Up close look

Here is the same hairdo from three different perspectives. You can see them up close and choose to wear them. You are sure to fall in love with them as you look at them from different angles. The diagonal braids and the blonde highlights work well with the dark base on this look.

Side swept braids

There are side swept braids in here, and they are looking great here. They look good when pinned to the sides here. There are streaks of dark hair in here, and they balance the lookout with the lighter shades on them. They are great for everyone who has thin hair.

For the runways

These hairdos are not only casual and effortless, but they can be worn to the runways as well. You can see them being sported by models on the runway and they are always looking stunning. Here is an image of a model getting ready for her show and the braids are beautiful.

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Frizzy Hair

If you have curly hair, the best thing you can do is braid them down! You can get them to look tamed and polished as you do so.

Curls on hair

You can get your waterfall braid with curls and enjoy a smooth and beautiful look. You are sure to love the results of textured hair once you get it done on yourself.


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Tight bun on the back

There is a tight bun on the back, and we love how the pearl ornaments here add the bling to this look. There is a pattern to these braids, and we do recommend this.

With loose hair

Braids can be done with some free sections as well. You can add the waterfall braids on top and then braid the left out section! Leave the rest of the hair down.

How To Do A Waterfall Braid

There are many styles of waterfall braids, and we are encouraging you to try on some of these! Take any method as per your liking and then wear it with confidence.

Black and pink

There are black and pink shades in here, and we love it! The slight rose gold tones in the middle are helping make them look casual and vibrant as ever.

The intricate details

These braids are stunning here, and we love how beautifully it has been done. The sections here are perfect for long hair. The blonde hues here are making it look beautiful.

Hair accessories

There are a lot of hair accessories here, and you can add on any to make your hair look stunning! There are blue, and lilac shades here and they work beautifully.

Looped and hanging braids

If you love loop waterfall braid, this is the section that you need to pay attention to! The twists here are lopping and are hanging on the sides here, and they have a great appeal.

Multi braids

This easy waterfall braid is amazing, and they are the combination of a lot of simple twists! You can get this look for any event, and it has a casual vibe.


Long hair

Here is some waterfall braid for the long hair. If you are blessed with long sections of hair, you can try on any of these styles. But if you have short hair, you can add extensions.

Ombre Hair

Ombre hair is an exciting fashion trend. You can see the deep colors on top here and the lighter shades on the bottom. You can get these done with any colors you want.


There is double waterfall braid here, and they are working well here! The twists lie on top of one another, and they are perfect! Here are some waterfall braid ideas that you can try.

Rainbow Hair

Rainbow hair is a beautiful hair trend. There are many colors here, and they can help you live the fairytale dream. The colors here are sure to inspire you for your next hairdo.

Darker tones

There are more somber tones of black in here, and you are sure to love the blondes that go along with it. These waves are perfect for the waterfall braid that we have here!

Pink forever!

Pink is the love of many girls out there! You can see these shades here are beautiful, and they work for everyone as well. There are some ideas for varied braids too.

Mid-length Hair

If you are not into an extended length of hair, then you can chop the locks off to meet the shoulders. This waterfall braid has a perfect look for a youthful vibe.

Loose Braids

Here are a lot of braided sections, and they are loosely tied together! You can get them done on yourself since there are intricate details here! You are sure to love this one.


Certain hairdos are perfect, and everybody would want it for themselves! The side waterfall braid can be worn to special occasions, and we are sure you will love this look.


This is one easy hairdo, and the style has the waterfall braid on the back, and they are pinned secured on end! The dark hues on the base are perfect here.

A lot of braids

There are a lot of braids in this look here! You can add sections of twists on the hair and make the hair look stunning. Here are some ideas to inspire you!

You are sure to have found the needed waterfall braids for yourself as you reached the end of this article. You can try on braids for any special occasion. They add certain grace and elegance to all hairstyles! You are sure to fall in love with these hairdos once you try them out! You can wear these hairdos to parties or even to any wedding ceremonies! They can be done at home, and that makes it more approachable. You can try on colors to add depth and dimensions to the hair. You can be the center of attention with these fabulous hairdos!

If you liked our effort to bring you the best waterfall braid, then do show us some love, and give this article a thumbs up. You can share it with others and help them try on these twists as well. Once you learn how to get the braids done, it will get more comfortable, and you will be able to do it in a matter of minutes! Make sure to follow us for more hair care and hairstyle tips and tricks. We will be back with more on your favorite hairstyles and hair trends, till then stay stylish and stay tuned!


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