115 Exceptional Wavy Hairstyles That Will Get You In The Mood

Wavy hairstyles have been famous among women of all ages and in all walks of life. Because everyone doesn’t have wavy hair, some have to go to the salon to get one for fashion purposes.

But whether you have naturally wavy hair or just a temporary one, you can always rock this hairstyle as no one else can. There are so many celebrities and famous public figures who have been sporting this hairstyle and it’s unbelievably incredible.

Women go at any length to get the best hairstyle to look great. Thus, it is important that you know what to pick for yourself that will surely fit your lifestyle and of course, your taste.

The look features shag cut, bob cut, and more styles that cater wavy hair in any aspects that hairstylists can always give justice to. You can explore more of this hairstyle no matter the hair color you have.

Whether your hair is long or short, wavy hair is considered one of the most low-maintenance hairstyles. It doesn’t require a lot of combing or too much application of hair products.

Famous celebrities have gone extra miles just to achieve many different looks for this hairstyle and the result is breathtaking in so many ways. Obviously, they have been the number one inspirations for many women all around the world.

Wavy hairstyles are the perfect essence of low-maintenance hair that can glamour all occasions without too much preparation. Even those who have straight hair would get a temporary wavy hair just to get a taste of a simple, but alluring hairstyle.

Anything you can’t get off your mind is the ideal one for you. Check these out.

Medium wavy hairstyle

This is one of the most popular hairstyles among women. It’s just like you came straight from the shower and voila! You seem sophisticated without efforts. And those blonde hues are a plus!

wavy hairstyles

I’m so Zoe!

She’s one of everyone’s favorite, especially when she played the roles in the movies Avatar and Colombiana. One can prove that the moment she steps out, she makes sure she’s got the incredible hairstyle. But she’s best seen with her wavy hairstyles.

Big wavy hair

There is nothing more loud and classy with big hair. Colors are great, but if you’d like to stay black or brunette, it would be incredible. And don’t forget those big hoop earrings too!

Wavy and messy

Messy hairstyles are always great. It’s like “hey I just got out the shower” thing, but people still love seeing you. Add that brown hues and blonde highlights and you are ready to go!

Blonde and long

Blondes are always sexy to see. When the wavy hair is added with different blonde highlights, expect some striking and dazzling look as soon as you step out.

Wavy hairstyles with soft bangsĀ 

Wavy hair always looks effortless, but if you decide to have bangs, it’s going to be really stunning and head turner!

‘Got no comb’ hairstyle

When you have this hair, you don’t really have to worry how it would look like. Because for many people, there’s nothing more effortless, but stylish than the wavy hairstyles. Again, the blonde hues are always awesome.

Beachy waves

Big beach waves are beautiful, especially when it’s summer and you’re planning on a beach trip with your friends and family. Girls have the same feelings when it comes to these attention-grabbing waves. They are awesome when your hair is longer.

Big beach waves

If you have naturally straight hair and would want to try the wavy hairstyles like of that beachy waves, this one is the perfect inspiration for you.

Natural beach waves

Not all girls are blessed with naturally big beach waves, but if you are one of them, a hairstyle like this one is mesmerizing. It looks very natural and effortless.

Light waves with braids

If you like light wavy hair, here’s another perfect inspiration for you. If you are naturally blonde, then you are lucky and the braids are a plus!

Runway waves

Most supermodels wear effortless wavy hair on the runway, and this is one of the best examples that you can try. We have also seen brides sporting this hairstyle or even the wedding entourage.

Wavy on the ends

If you have short hair, but still wants to get the wavy hairstyle, you could copy this one. And gray or silver color is beyond amazing!

Shag waves

If you have shag haircut, this will be the best hairstyle that you can get, especially when you add highlights.

Long and wavy on the ends

Blondes are among the best carriers of wavy hair. It looks au naturel especially when the hair is long and thick.

Asymmetrical waves

Here’s another shag-like cut with light waves that you can if you have medium or short hair. Who needs a comb if you can have this effortlessly?

Bob cut with big waves

Who says you can’t have wavy hair with your bob haircut? The longer strands on the side make it appear more elegant and refined.

Black and medium

For black women, one of the best hairstyles they always turn to is soft waves, especially on medium length hair.

Short vintage wavy hairstyles

It’s time to upgrade your hair into a star level with this elegant classic wavy hairstyle that you can easily get. You can even do this yourself at home!

Shoulder-length soft waves

Light waves are perfect for shoulder-length hair with a touch gray or blonde highlights. For the girls with naturally straight hair, you can just use the flat iron on this one.

Do it like Lauren!

Lauren Cohan has always been seen with short or medium-length wavy hair. She’s best known for playing the role of Maggie Greene in AMC’s zombie apocalyptic series The Walking Dead.

Short waves with full bangs

Once again, short hair with big waves is always stunning, but with full bangs like this one is beyond classy and splendid!

Afro-like waves

If you have naturally small waves and you’d like to make your hair shorter, but still wants to make it appear bigger, this would be the haircut you may want to consider. You can get choppy or bob cut with bangs to stand out.

Show off that blonde soft waves

If you have a wedge haircut and wavy hair, this is ideal for you, especially when you are a fan of bright hair colors.


It’s great to have long locs because you can do any hairstyle you like. For long wavy hair, you can try this one-sided style with big waves. Leaving one medium strand on the other side adds a magnet!

Brunette and big waves

Medium-length hair with big waves on the ends is a trend that everyone loves wearing. It’s very fashionable and can match with any occasions.

Light brown with blonde highlights on big wavy hairstyle

It is true that long hair is always perfect to style even in the most effortless way. You’re going to love that blonde and brown hues too that fit perfectly on those waves.

Wave it like Reese!

Actress Reese Witherspoon has been seen with so many chic hairstyles such as the bob or wedge haircut. But her fans can conclude that she might be really comfortable with wavy hairstyles like this one.

Soft natural waves

If you’d like your waves to appear au naturelĀ like you only need a comb to fix it, try this one out on your next hairstyle.

A-line haircut

With an A-line haircut, big wavy hair can give justice. It can offer elegance no matter your race or skin color. And whatever the occasion you might be attending, this fits well too.


Long shaggy haircut

If you have long and wavy hair, a shag haircut can be done with it. Hairstylists have different ways to give you extraordinary wavy hairstyles.

Short and wavy with braids

There is no need to be prim and proper with braids when you have short and wavy hair. That one piece of braided hair on the side is magical!

Big, thick waves on one side

One-sided wavy hairstyles are officially a thing nowadays. Don’t forget those dangling earrings too when you step out!

Do it like Jen!

Jennifer Aniston has been always free-spirited when it comes to her hairstyles. She’s mostly seen with either medium or long wavy hair. Trust me. Even Brad Pitt would say yes to her hairstyles!

Gray or silver colors wavy hairstyles

Silver or gray colors are great on straight hair, but these two ladies below prove that wavy hair doesn’t go off the line!

Reddish hair

Wavy hair can never be boring when you color it with red.

Beach waves on A-line haircut

Beachy waves are stunning on long hair, but that doesn’t mean that short hair can’t keep up with it. Pair it with your favorite huge earrings and you are ready for summer!

Short black hair

When you have short hair and wants to make it more fashionable, you can trust Jennifer Hudson’s hairstyle with that.

Freestyle waves

It’s okay to step out of the house with this “Hey, I just finished taking a shower” hairstyle.

Medium messy hair

Messy hair doesn’t really care indeed.

Short hair with pretty waves

Nothing can ever be prettier with short, wavy hair that can always go with any outfit. It’s trendy these days among women who love to explore the world of fashion.

Long natural waves

It’s not that we do love long hair, but if you have one, this is the perfect time to style your hair with big waves. It’s summertime!

Long hair with Bun

To make your long waves prettier, try it with a cute bun on top. It’s quite easy to do and very fashionable too!

Long hair with light waves

Long locs can be handled in any way you like. But wavy locs can bring you to a different dimension!

Side Bangs

When Beyonce says to do it with side bangs, do it. You can never go wrong with Queen Bey’s fashion!

Hairstyle on regular days

When you think that putting weight on your hair could be too much, you may want to consider this hairstyle. It’s easy and effortless.

Long wavy hairstyles

Whatever the hair color you like, wavy hair can always give justice to it. Don’t forget to wear it with elegance and excellence!

K-Stew style

Kristen Stewart is known for sporting effortless hairstyles and the wavy hair is definitely her thing.

Style it like Beyonce

Queen Bey doesn’t step out without getting her done – and that means a hairstyle with royal elegance.

Thick waves

Long hair is best displayed with thick and big waves. It is even better and trendy when you color your hair with brown or blonde shades.

Pixie cut

Your extra short haircut like a pixie cut will never be dull if you have wavy texture or if you mean to have it like that. Don’t forget to include some bright colors to top it off.

Medium-length blonde hues

If you have medium-length hair and wavy texture is your thing, highlight it with blonde shades. You’ll never go astray with this one, girl!

Bronze hair

Don’t be too tedious with your current wavy hair. Go out and get a hairstylist to give you the best look you’ll ever have.

Choppy hair

It’s always exciting to get the choppy hairstyle, especially when Jennifer Lawrence is your inspiration!

Always wavy as Jen!

Actress Jennifer Aniston is always the first one to lead the best wavy hairstyles in so many ways. Add those light brown highlights and everything is stunning!

Choppy and wavy

So you decided to get a choppy haircut, but your hair is wavy. Why not!

Beach waves with full bangs

If you are thinking about getting a new look this summer, try this beachy waves hairstyle with soft full bangs.

Black and wavy on the side

Black hair gives a classy look, especially when it’s set on one side.

Brunette and long waves

If black is dull for you, brunette hair is stunning with waves.

One-sided tiny waves

If you have naturally small wavy hair, a one-sided hairstyle is famous these days.

Thin hair with bangs

Anyone with thin hair can refer to this hairstyle regardless of the color of their hair.

Big black waves

Elegance at its best!

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Blonde like K-Stew

Here’s Kristen Stewart again to inspire you.

Red and burgundy in unison

Nothing can beat when red hair steps out!

Wavy hair for the bride

Yes, I do!

Schoolgirl look

Innocence and simplicity were described in this hairstyle.

Stylish waves

When your bob haircut gets boring to you, color your hair and make it wavy!

Red highlights

Your brown or black hair stands out with red highlights. Try it out!

Wedge haircut and waves

No more wedge haircut boring days, girl!

Brown hues

Your long and wavy hair will be more desirable when brown shades are present.

Rihanna’s best

Well, we all know that RiRi always makes headlines when it comes to her wavy hairstyles.

Black is back

That vintage black hair is officially back by popular demand.

Slick brown hair

Soft and wavy hair is perfect for brown haircolor.


Are you tired of dark colors? Why don’t mix silver, gray, and white?

Is it orange?

You can never go wrong with reddish-orange hair with extra long waves.

Spiral waves

The bad gal RiRi is at it again.


Natural beachy waves

Go au naturel with this effortless beach waves look.

Brown and red hues

It’s always stunning to have wavy hair, but it just gets prettier when red and brown hues combine.

Thick waves with reddish-orange shade

Extra thick waves are miraculous!

Choppy hair with highlights

Getting a choppy haircut is always an adventure, but colors are more exciting.

Wavy hair with fishtail braids

Fishtail Braids are famous among young women these days.

A-line and blonde

Who says an A-line haircut isn’t striking on a wavy hair?


Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex is with us in our wavy hairstyles journey.

Long blonde locs

Natural waves will be prettier with a blonde.

Wet look

Did you just get out of the shower, Kim Kardashian?

Red carpet look

There are plenty of hairstyles that you see on the red carpet, but this one looks simple but elegant!

Messy with bangs

If you like that messy and sweaty look with full bangs on, you go girl!

Thin, wavy hair

For thin hair, it is always great to get wavy hair if you have naturally straight hair.

A-line wavy hairstyles

Whether it’s black or colored, an A-line hairstyle is always a head turner.

It’s orange and it’s Vanessa

No one can go wrong when you copy Vanesa Hudgens hair.

Bride look

This is one of the most popular hairstyles among brides on their big day.

Braids with highlights

Colored wavy hair is always great when braids are installed.

Black with light brown highlights

Any hairstyle is always perfect with highlights.

Beach waves hair with soft brown highlights

Beachy waves hair is a thing, and adding highlights is dramatic and dazzling.

Swift waves

When wavy hair is colored, it’s gorgeous. But when highlights are added, it’s more remarkable!

Gray strands on long wavy hair

If everyone agrees, this is one of the best hairstyles we’ve ever seen.

Wedge haircut with blonde shades

Hand-combed hair waves are spectacular!

Black, wavy hair

Black means elegance.

It’s gray and pretty

One can well imagine how beautiful having wavy hair with long locs and colored with gray.


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