93 Wedge Haircut That Will Make You Look Classy And Stylish

Wedge haircut is something that women can always turn to when other hairstyles become too boring for them. Some days, a nice and classy haircut is all women need.

If you are someone that loves classic hairstyle, then the wedge haircut is perfect for you. This is a retro-style, short-layered bob cut that is popular among women who have thin or fine hair.

This haircut became famous in the ’60s until the ’80s, but it’s paving its way again this year. Some hairstylists have come up with different approach when it comes to cutting the hair in this style.

It is normally cut with a touch of soft bangs. The modern wedge cut, however, has different angles now to give it a more solid and edgy look.

Whether you want it a little messy, or formal, hairstylists know how to make it the way you like. There are a lot of famous celebrities and public figures who have been rocking this hairstyle for years.

This includes the famous fashion designer and singer Victoria Beckham, who is known for her different short hairstyles. Barbadian singer Rihanna has also tried this cut, and the list just goes on and on.

It is worthy to note that this isn’t just ideal for women in their ’50s or so. In fact, many young ladies have been sporting this hairstyle for years.

If you are keen on having a short hairstyle for your new look this summer, then you might want to consider the wedge hairstyle. With that being said, we have collected tons of photos that you can see below for inspiration.

You don’t have to go elsewhere as we have already compiled the best examples for you. Check out these lovely hair ideas below.

The classic cut

If you are a woman with an old school taste, this cut could be perfect for you. With its all-black hair color, one can imagine that being classy doesn’t have to have the brightest hair dye.

wedge haircut

Messy, but pretty

For the young girls, or even the older ones, but young at heart, this style won’t go off the line, especially when you decide to have it colored. With a dark or medium brown color, this cut will be perfect for you this summer.

Don’t mess with a blonde

While others find black or brown hair color attractive, some women would want to rock this haircut with blonde hair. Obviously, this is awesome for those that have fine hair to perfectly show off the strands.

Classic pale blonde

Here is another retro-style that would go perfectly for women who love to wear short layered-cut with blonde hair. Yes, think about Taylor Swift rocking this hairstyle.

Dark brown with highlights

If you think that the wedge hair isn’t fun or exciting to wear, you are absolutely wrong. This is one of the most popular hairstyles among women in all walks of life. Trust me. You can’t go wrong with this hairdo.

Black or dark brown hair highlighted with blonde

You can get really funky with this hairstyle if you wish to step out with bright hair color. Most girls in their ’20s love this as it goes well with a funky lifestyle.

Blonde hue

For women with naturally blonde hair, you can get this hairstyle and match it with either reddish, pale, or bright blonde highlights. But that doesn’t mean that those who were born brunette or black can’t rock the same hairdo. There are plenty of ways to get blonde hair, girl. Your professional hairstylist can do wonders.

Golden blonde

There are so many choices of hair colors out there, but the blonde is just absolutely famous. This golden-brownish blonde also looks amazing on wedge haircut that you can keep rocking on all occasions.

Layered-bob cut

We have seen American pop star Katy Perry rocking this hairdo a few times and she’s totally in it. Whether you want it blonde or brunette, you can never say no to this amazing hairstyle.

All-black Afro hair with lines on the sideĀ 

If you are a black woman and wants to try the phenomenal wedge haircut, the style shown in the photo below is definitely the best for you. That line on the side makes it edgier that can surely turn heads.

Golden brown blonde with bangs

Have you heard about that “a-fan-is-blowing-right-in-front-of-my-face” look? Yes, the hairstyle can also get you rocking this hairdo with ease. And if you are into bangs, it will fit you perfectly.

Messy highlights

Messy hair doesn’t care! Who needs prim and proper hair when you can be messy, but stylish with this hairdo? Those big blonde highlights were there for a reason.

Big curls

If you have big curls and thinks that you can’t have wedge haircut because it might make you look weird, that’s a myth! Well, you can be funky and chic with this hairdo. And that red-brownish hair color is a plus!

Freestyle modern layered-cut

While there are wide arrays of hairstyles that anyone can try this summer, a modern haircut is something. This is definitely one of everyone’s favorite and adding a hair color is absolutely stunning.

Spikey bob cut

Anyone with a strong personality and wants to sport an edgy-looking hair, this haircut is top of the line. With a mix of medium to golden brown colors highlighted with bright blonde, you couldn’t get any funkier than this one.

Medium brown highlights with soft side bangs

Bangs are stunning not only to the young ladies but women in their ’40s or so, also rocks this hairdo. The wedge haircut is always better to look at with bangs and anyone can fit into this hairstyle without worries.

Side-swept spiral dreadlocks

Dreadlocks became the signature hair for the Rastafarian people, including Bob Marley, the father of reggae music. To this date, there are so many people, men, and women, who adopt the hairstyle. But curly dreadlocks with color is something that all women with this hair can consider if they wish to get a stylish hairdo.

Retro bob haircut

This is one of the classic hairstyles that anyone can relate to – from younger to older ones. This is ideal for moms who only want to have freestyle hair that they don’t have to worry about looking messy. Moms are always busy and getting a bob is just right.

Messy wedge with side bangs

It is true that bob cuts can be messy, but it’s never ugly. One can well imagine that the pillar of having awesome hair is to take risks. No matter the hair color you like, wedge haircut can’t fail you.

Chic haircut

You can still be glamorous if you are thinking about getting a wedge haircut. Women who love short hair mostly fit into this hairstyle as it is normally earlobe level with bangs. You can also enjoy it with any hair color you like.

Layered plain blonde

Blondes always look great with any hairstyle that even a super short haircut still looks stunning on them. With this hairdo, you can set it whatever you like it to without being judged.

Light brown highlights with side bangs

If you like an extra short haircut so that your beautiful ears can be shown off all the time, this hairstyle is perfect. A layered cut with soft side bangs will absolutely make it look trendy and head turner.

Blonde shag-like wedge haircut

If you had a bob cut and you let your hair grow longer, it will look like this. A shag-like cut is something that’s unique and very chic no matter the hair color you have.

Brunette and pretty

As far as brunette hair is a concern, Victoria Beckham can always be counted as one of the prettiest wedge haircut carriers of all time. She is normally seen with her naturally dark shade hair, and the photo below is an inspiration.

Extra short wedge cut with a long side bangs

There is never any sportier with a wedge hairdo with the addition of gray hair color highlighted with rose gold decently dyed into the strands. The long side bangs make it look more chic and prettier.

Short haircut with golden blonde color

While this hairstyle is either short or medium cut, most women love it really short with full bangs. Hair color is a plus!

A bulky twist with stunning bangs

It is true that the wedge haircut isn’t for everyone because there are women who prefer a different hairstyle. But others who love this haircut consider it a lifestyle that they have been wearing it in their whole life. If you want it cut in a bulky manner that doesn’t get the bangs outdated, try this one out.

Wispy hair in pink

There are a lot of ways to look funky with hair color such as pink that most women love. But this haircut makes the color more solid and pretty.

Edgy haircut

There are so many styles that this haircut has, and an edgy cut is pretty famous too. You can stay brunette or black if it’s the way you wanted it. But any hair color will make it look stylish and fabulous.

Full Bangs

That full bangs mood is on. If you want a brawny look with this haircut, you can have full bangs that will consider others to never mess with you.

Tapered back

If you want an amazing back view, this could be one of the best examples of this haircut. It’s short, but it does give a funky vibe without too much weight.

Long side-swept bangs

No matter your hair color, your bangs can always get you in the mood, especially when you are up to some groovy haircut.

Asymmetrical cut

Hairstylists have a lot of styles when it comes to bob cut in an attempt to make it look sharper and attention-grabbing. This hairdo is very famous among celebrities, which can be mostly seen on special occasions.

Choppy cut with side bangs

This haircut will never be perfect without the phenomenal side-swept bangs. A choppy cut is one of the hairstylists

Fluffy cut

You can never be outrageous with fluffy and messy hair, especially when you top it off with rich colors to highlight the beauty of this haircut.

Easy cut

With this haircut, you can always take it easy in freestyle. It’s easy to set and it fits on all occasions.

Candid bangs in full

Whether it’s a choppy or spiky cut, it will never be amazing enough without bangs that can either be on the side, or in full with plumy ends.

Extra short back and long bangs on the side

Barbadian singer-songwriter Rihanna is best remembered with her short bob cut with long side-swept bangs just like this one below. And if you want it super edgy-looking, you can top it off with any color you like with rich-colored highlights.

Medium cut

Wedge haircut can either be short or medium. If you want it medium, hairstylists can do wonders. It’s simple, but stunning hairdo that most women can rock anywhere they go.

Bulky cut in wavy hair

Wavy hair can be a lot to handle at times, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a stylish look for it. In fact, there are so many hairstyles out there that can go with wavy hair. But would you believe that a retro cut is stunning?

Tapered bulky cut

This haircut is normally tapered at the back and that bulky part of the hair gives it more radiance as the cut itself. This famous hairstyle is always perfect with its imperfect cut.

Celebrity-looking hairdo

The wedge haircut became extremely famous through retired American figure skater Dorothy Hamill. She was the first to rock this hairstyle starting the 1960s and became more popular among women in 1970s. Celebrities are the best wearer of this haircut like the one below.

Messy and plumy bangs

There is nothing prettier than messy hair and that means, messy bangs too! If you couldn’t resist having plumy hair with phenomenal bangs, you can copy this hairstyle. And the color? It’s beyond flamboyant!

Layered cut best for moms

For moms out there, this is the best wedge cut you can have if you don’t like bothering yourself with hair ties or hair clips. Mothers are as busy as a bee and having short hair is Christmas!

Shag style in a bob cut

A wedge haircut is similar to the shag cut that’s being chopped to different lengths. It is intended to be layered and feathered on the sides to give the look gaudier and eventful. You can always step into the spotlight with this hairdo in a relaxed manner.

Glowy hairdo

This haircut is often considered as funky, especially when it’s topped off with different hair colors to make it more cheerful and arresting. Don’t be too confused with gray, ash blonde, or rose gold hues. They are vivacious to mix and match!


Cranberry hair in a messy hairdo

One of the most popular hair colors is burgundy of which a cranberry shade is included. With this shade, you can get a messy hairdo that highlights the cranberry that will make anyone look more magical and mysterious.

Short haircut with a touch of soft bangs

Wedge haircut can be very short like this one, but you can never go out of fashion with this. Instead, you can be more fashionable with this, especially when you decide to include hair color in it. Don’t forget the blonde hues!

Green and blonde hues in full bangs

There’s nothing prettier than this one, especially for women with fine and thin hair.


Spiky brunette hair

Spiky, sporty hair doesn’t really care! Look at this brunette. Pretty, isn’t she?

Feathery edges

If you have a square face, this is perfect for you.

Lavender highlights on a wedge haircut

With lavender, you can never go wrong with this haircut. Stunning!

Unmistakable side bangs

Bangs are exceptional and everyone can’t rock this hairstyle comfortably. So, go get this hairdo if you are into bangs!

Short tapered back

Feeling too hot for summer? Sure you can rock this short layered and tapered hairdo for a more summery look!

Ash blonde highlights

Grandma is rocking it out like she’s only 30!

Oh, J.Lo!

Let’s get loud with this one! She’s incredible and stunning in every inch.

Show off that earlobe look

This isn’t just for grandmas, by the way. Anyone can wear this hairdo with their pretty earlobes!


Slick fine hair

Match it with brown hues for a more stunning and extraordinary look!

Long strands on the side

Now, this is even prettier with longer strands and side bangs.

Wavy hair on a bob cut

Get that wavy hair even bigger!

Big hair doesn’t really care

If you have kinky hair, a wedge haircut is exceptional too!

Edgy and sporty

This is one of everyone’s favorite – extra short and chic!

Layered blonde hues

With different blonde shades, you can get this funky wedge haircut without having to worry about looking weird. Try this one out with your favorite blonde hues.


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